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Birth Control, Conception, and PCOS.. I need some advice!

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here so bare with me.. :)

I am about to turn 26 this month and my husband and I are really itching to try having kids in the near future. I say try because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos). It's sad to think I might be infertile, and scary to think about having a higher risk of miscarriage.. Not to mention I am about 50 lbs overweight. All in all I am trying to stay very positive about everything.. We all know what stress can do to the body and mind. :)

That all being said, I have several questions and I hope I don't ramble to much..

1. My husband and I were thinking we wanted to get pregnant in the Fall time of the year so we could have a Summer baby... Since conception can sometimes take 6 or more months for some women even without PCOS, should we even try planning this way? I would still love to plan for a summer baby.. but it seems silly if we only try to conceive 3-4 months out of the year and have to wait 8 or 9 months to try again, if we strike out. We should just be thankful to get preggers at all.. right? I would love to hear what you guys think!

2. Another reason we wanted to get pregnant in the fall or winter was because of some advice we watched Lisa Masterson give on the new hit series "The Doctors". They had a segment on the show about conception in the Summer time having a higher risk of birth defects due to pesticides. They said all pregnant women should eat only organic fruits and vegetables, etc.. but I have read that pesticides also get into drinking water and we breath them in the air. We live on a farm and drink well water.. Although I don't >think< anyone remotely near us use pesticides.. But I can't be certain. Should we worry about this? I already plan to eat organically.. So again.. I'm unsure what to do. I know the chance of birth defects are still very very very rare.

3. As I said, I am about 50 pounds overweight. Are the health risks higher for an overweight pregnancy? I read somewhere that doctors will have you gain a certain amount of weight (not 50 lbs I'm sure, lol) during pregnancy, but I still wonder if it's too much of a health risk for myself and the baby. On top of that I heard that losing the weight after pregnancy isn't as easy.. But that also women burn a lot of calories breast feeding which I plan to do anyways. What should I do? I have always planned to wait until I was at a better weight. I currently have the weight tracker going on this site, and I have set a goal to be at my goal weight by August 1st, 2010. At least stretch marks wont be a new thing to me.. lol.. But should I wait until I'm a healthier weight? Or go for it?

4. I have been taking Aviane b-control pills for a few years now. My last couple of paps my Dr didn't find any cysts on my ovaries! (yay!) I read on these forums that birth control stops the formation of cysts but does little or nothing to reverse the other effects of pcos. I also read about other pcos medications to take.. Should we wait to try and conceive until AFTER I take these meds for so many months? If we don't have to wait.. What are the chances of getting pregnant right after stopping the birth control?

This month for example.. I have five pills left before my period week pills start. What if I just stopped taking them? Or would it be better to finish this pack and not start the next one? Or stop after this pack and start taking other pcos meds?

4. I have a pap appointment coming up, but it's not until the middle of November. Should I wait until I see my Doctor and talk to her, ask for her advice, before we start trying to conceive? She has been my regular Doctor since I was in my teens, and she has always told me she has tricks up her sleeve to help us conceive when we are ready. She has helped others with pcos.. So should I wait until the pap and tell her then that we are ready?

Of course I do plan to tell my Doctor that anyways.. I probably should wait till I see her, and make sure I'm still healthy with no cysts. I just can't help looking over at my b-control pack and thinking.. "You know.. I could stop taking these right now... and maybe, just maybe it will work.."  Wishful thinking perhaps hehe.. :)

I know that if I wait.. talk to my doctor.. get my medication swapped around and probably start prenatal vitamins (I heard it's good to start them a few months before conception).. and loose some weight, I would have a better running start at this... But I still can't help wondering! ^^;

Any advice for a first time conceiver with pcos would be wonderful! Thank you so much in advance!
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