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Hydrosalpinx = Salpingectomy... Second thoughts?

Hi, I am 25 years old and was recently diagnosed with severe bilateral hyrdosalpinx (really bad blocked tubes on both side). I had a HSG done in July '11 (which hurt like no other- they even gave me a shot to relax my muscles in the middle of it because I could not take the pain) and my tubes were filling up with dye bigger than the size of my uterus. I went to a fertility specialist and was advised to have a salpingectomy (remove both blocked tubes) and then try to have babies through IVF. My OB also recommended me to have the tubes removed. I was told the success of opening up the tubes for a natural fertilization of the eggs and sperm would be very low. The doctor/specialist said that since the tubes were so large and damaged, there could be other issues with the tubes not pushing the egg down the right path or even the tubes picking up the egg from the ovaries.

I have scheduled an appointment to remove my tubes, however I am having second thoughts. Any advice and insight from anyone that has gone through this or have been in this situation, please share your thoughts.

-I wonder if they do another HSG would it show that my tubes are OPENED? What if they push the dye really hard, would it open up the tubes? Wishful thinking, huh?
-I also read, that some people's cycles and hormones are off after the salpingectomy, what if mine are? I guess I won't need to worry about it if I do IVF, or do I?
-Is there any other solution that would yield high chances of getting pregnant without removing blocked tubes?

Please share your thoughts, I am desperately torn between what I should do. Should I cancel the surgery to remove my tubes?
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