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IUI with clomid

Hi all... I had my 3rd IUI last Friday the 27th. we did 2 days in row this time. 27th and 28th. But this is my first IUI with clomid. I've been married for over 4 years. we never use any contraception to prevent pregnancy, and yet i never get pregnant! so my husband and i decided to see a doctor several months ago. I totally can feel what you all feel. anxious, worried, all kinds of feeling!! i don't know if any of you know,  when is your breast start getting tender all pain as they said in the early pregnancy? normally 2 weeks before my period my breast already starting to hurt me, and swollen, but this time till today i haven't feel anything in my breast. is that mean I'm pregnant? and yesterday was suppose to be 2 weeks before my next period! also i felt a light cramp and bloated yesterday! today is much better. i can't wait to know what's going on.... i can't do pregnancy test yet till the ext 2 weeks. so maybe any of u experience the same? does any of u got pregnant at the end with the IUI?
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