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10th day after ivf embryo transfer

today is my 10th day after my embryo transfer..I am bleeding and havind lover abdominal cramp.. I call my doctor and he advised me to continue my medication and just do the bloodtest this coming friday as my schedule to do it.I dnt know exactly what to expect the result but I hope for better.
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It's always stressful at this point after a transfer.  You are doing the best you can and just keep busy these next few days.  Some women do bleed in pregnancy and mild cramping can be normal.  Keep the faith, really.  Lots of women don't realize they are pregnant as they have this mild cramping and light bleeding about when they'd get a period.  And wa la. . . . pregnant.  Let us know how it goes!  Do you have any other kids or is this trying for your first?
thanks special mom,I do have my period already since yesterday and unusual cramping that I cant able to set down,my doctor advised me to do my bhcg today..no result yet until tomorrow..I am so sad,I know what is the result already.until
now am having period and mild cramping.its my first ivf cycle.
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Hope it goes well for you I go for my blood test on Monday
I got my period,and my doctor advice to take the beta test on 11th day..get the result it was negative..I can tell because my hcg level is one..means the implantation didnt work..and until now am on my period for 4 days.. I hope yours will be successful..best of luck and just be positive xoxo
I'm so much sorry for ivf didn't work out. My first IVF cycle didn't work as well. I've already done a frozen cycle at the begining of the month. The time in between the fresh cycle and the frozen one was 6 weeks. It has been really good for me I should say. I was really stressed during the fresh cycle. I just felt in a better frame of mind whilst cycle#2. I ate pineapple including core for 5 days after ET. I ate brazil nights for 5 days before. I relaxed as much as possible. Did reflexology and tried not to allow the stresses of work get me down. The only thing I didn't do was exercise. I wasn't expecting it to work as 8 of our 10 eggs died by day 5. We transferred the remaining 2 grade b & b+ on day 5. Only 1 egg implanted. I know what it feels like to have a cycle fail, it's really tough. Sending thoughts your way. And good luck as you move forward.
thanks sunnyday..am here now at my doctor waiting for my follow up check up,am getting better as the days goes by..god has always a better plan in his own perfect timing I believe..hugs to you..update me about ur progress xoxo
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