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40 years old with hish Fsh and low amh

My DH and I decided to try again.  I will have to do ivf because there is no other way.  I do have 2 dd's, through ivf.  The last time I went to a fertility clinic was 4 years ago.  We actually decided to go to one closer to us.  Today I got my test results back and I have a fsh of 11 and an amh of 1.3 with 3 follicles that they saw.  The doctor told me to go to donor eggs. He also said if I want to do Ivf it would be a 2% change of conceiving.  I had mentioned to the doctor that the person who did my follicle count could not see my right overy, so she told me I might have more. After that he basically said I don't have a change of conceiving with my own eggs.  We are going back to the other clinic for a second opinion.  I would like to hear opinions on this because I don't know what to think right now.
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Hi. My husband and I have been TtC for 3 years now. After about a year of trying we saw an endocrinologist. I had my FSH and AMH tested then and it was at 13 FSH and AMH 0.48. Recently I was tested again with FSH at 11 and AMH at .28. The fertility specialist we see now still believes that I have a good chance of natural conception as long as medications can induce ovulation. I also have endometriosis as well as a host of other issues he has been trying to correct. The first RE we saw immediately recommended IVF, but my new doctor has high hopes that can be avoided. Your levels are better than mine are, and saying that, I suggest another doctor. I have never been recommended to look into donor eggs either, there's hope for you! It does take longer for women like us to conceive, and sometimes IVF is needed, but all we need is for that one good egg to make its way out!
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