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Anyone else in their 2ww?

Hi ladies, I am currently 1-2 DPO and I was wondering if anyone else is in the beginning of their 2ww? I was thinking we could support each other during this nerve racking time. We have been ttc since last year and this will be our first baby. I am currently on 50mg of Clomid and will begin to take Progesterone in a few days. I'm hoping this will be the winning combination :)

Are you taking any medications (Clomid, ect.), or ising IUI or IVF or ttc naturally? Also, let us know if you already have children and how long you have been ttc. I wish you all the best and hope we all get our BFP this month!! Sending some baby dust to all!
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I'm am also in my 2ww I had my progesterone test today and next friday will be the PT. I had to take letrozole pills and had the HSG trigger shot. I've been through all the tests and surgery. This is my first round of actual treatment. I'm trying for my first but my husband has one from a previous marriage that lives with us. Are you in your first round of treatment?

The time can't go by fast enough. Thankfully it is the weekend and those are always busy. Many prayers and baby dust to you.
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I"m through the first week of the 2ww. Really hard waiting this time around. This is my 3rd cycle of 50mg clomid and last. If not pregnant I have to call dr and go in to discuss what next step will be. Guess I'm nervous about what the next step will be, really hoping we don't have to find out!

This would be our first, been trying for just under two years.
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Hi Nikki7732 - This is actually my second round of Clomid. I hope I dont have to go to a third. I've been very lucky to conceive fairly easy but I cant seem to hold onto pregnancies as I have had 2 m/c already. How many DPO are you? Good luck on your HPT!!

Hi nazor82- Wow my second week of the 2ww seems like an eternity away. I'm happy for you that you will know very soon if you are preggers. When do you plan to take a test? Considering this is your third round of Clomid you know what they say - 3rd times a charm!! Sounds like we are all trying for our first, how exciting!! Sending both of you ladies lots of BD :)
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Just starting the 2ww.  Had my IUI this morning w/ 2 nice follies & will start progesterone supp tomorrow night.  Beta on the 3rd.  This was my 2nd round of Clomid w/ Trigger shot & IUI.  Really hoping for my Bfp this cycle - such an emotional ride each month.  BD to you all!    
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I am 11 DPO I'm thinking of testing tomorrow but I don't want to get a false negative. What are your thoughts on that? The last couple days I haven't really been having the cramping anymore but have had the brownish discharge. Do you know if I could still be even without having the cramping feeling anymore? We have been trying for a year and a half without luck thus far.

Baby dust to everyone!
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I'm 10 days DPO, I hate testing early and getting BFN, seems like I take test get BFN and then within hours end up with period. So I have been trying to wait until at least the day I'm suppose to get period or day after depending on if having signs or not. These last few days seem to be taking forever! I should get period on thursday...so will see if need to test.

Had some cramping today but its so hard to tell. They found a small cyst on left ovary two cycles ago said it was from clomid. That causes cramping, but I haven't really been feeling it this cycle so I was hoping it had burst.

Everyone: Good luck!!! We're almost done with one more day of the waiting!!!!!
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I am on DPO 3, so we are on the same train!  I am natural this cycle, but I am taking Macaroot along with vitamins.  I am going to start Progesterone tomorrow.

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Kimber1101 - I really hope this is your month, I know you have been disappointed in the past. Let's pray that this is your winning combination and those follicles grow! I'm also starting Progesterone (the pill and not the suppositories) tomorrow just in case we made a little miracle. Let me know what your doing to keep your mind off the 2ww, I could use some ideas. My fingers and toes are crossed for you. Good luck!

Nikki7732 - Wow cant believe you are already 11 DPO. It is possible that if you conceived you could get a BFP tomorrow but to avoid getting a false negative I would wait it out until next week. I know that's easier said than done. I'm guilty as a HPT addict :)  I got my last BFP at 10DPO just an FYI. Let us know if you do test or when you decide your going to. Sending you lots of baby dust.

nazor82 - I am going to try waiting until AF is due as well to take a test. It's going to drive me nuts not knowing but there is no reason I need to know asap anymore. I was going to visit my OB weekly for Progesterone shots after I got my BFP but now I have a supply of Progesterone pills at home. So at that point everything is out of my hands. Do you usually get cramping about a week before AF? The egg could have implanted later and it could be implantation cramps...? Just a suggestion. How did you know you had a cyst from the Clomid? My fingers are crossed for you :)

Risa615 - Hello and welcome to the wait with us! We are definitely side by side on our cycle and Progesterone. I hope we also get BFP together. I have never heard of Macaroot, what is it? Did you use an OPK to track this cycle? Good luck to you!
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I tested this morning and BFN. I have a blood test next Friday still but I just don't feel like I am anymore. As soon as the trigger shot was out of my system I didn't have any more signs. My DH and I decided to give it a break from the RE for a couple months. We go on vacation next month and just want to relax for awhile. It has been a constant in our lives since January.

Good luck to all you ladies and I hope your prayers are answered!
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lil_lady - I don't usually get cramps as constant as they were, lasted for most of afternoon. Usually week before I'll get just like hint of cramps everyonce in awhile. Keeping my fingers crossed its not from AF. I was due for an anual pap during my first cycle of clomid, which I didn't think was necessary cause they were in there every month before that for all the testing!!! But anyways I told the dr I had been having cramps that were mainly on left side, and sure enough she could actually feel it doing the exam. She didn't think it was too big that we needed to be concerned that it should just go away on its own eventually. But I haven't been in since so not sure if still there, this is first cycle since then that it hasn't really been bothering me.  Good luck!!! Hope this is it for you!

Nikki - sorry about your BFN. Let me know how break goes, we've discussed doing that if this cycle is not successful depending on what next step is. I'm just worried I'll still think about it all the time anyway.
I hope you have a great vacation!!!

Good luck to everyone waiting this week!!!!
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Nikki7732 - So sorry to hear about your BFN. It could be too early to test and I wouldnt lose hope yet. I hope you get a big surprise soon and get your BFP.

nazor - I'm also hoping that it's not AF cramps that you are getting. Like you said you usually dont get them for this long so maybe that is a good sign! I havent had a pap since starting Clomid so I'm thinking maybe I should. But I dont have any cramps.... you said that was how your OB knew something was off?  

How great would it be if we all got BFP's this month!! Hey a girl can dream, right? :)
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I will be joining you all tomorrow in the 2WW.  I have an IUI scheduled for 10:45 am.  This round I did Follistim 75 IU's, day 3-11, hcg shot yesterday, and IUI tomorrow.  I had one follie that was 17 on Friday, and one that was 13 1/2, that is why we are waiting until Monday to do the IUI to hopefully let the 13 1/2 catch up.  Hoping for 2 follies to be ready to go.  Good luck ladies... hope this is our month for all of us!!!

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Well I am gonna be a week or so behind most of you...just starting my Puregon (FSH) injections tomorrow...150 mg which is an increase of 50 from my first round of IUI. Oh and BW tomorrow too...

I'll keep checking in on you all and sending you positive vibes and lots of SSBD....

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I am 3dpo today and so excited about testing as this is my last cycle of clomid and praying for a BFP. I feel real good :) all the signs are coming like clock work. Pressure down "there", tender breasts, and tired. Hoping that all of these are good signs, if not on too injectables next cycle...and not looking forward to all the testing they make you do along with that. BW and ultrasounds three times a cycle. Geez! When insurance isn't covering that is a whole lot! Good luck to all and SSBD and hope we all have BFP at the end of our TWW!
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Macaroot is something I learned about from other member on this site. Really good to regulate hormone levels and cycles. Read about it on the web, lots of good stuff.  The same member also told me about Vitex (liquid form) which I took until ovulation.  Also, regulates hormones.  I didn't know about either of them until April.
I did use OPK to track and the clear blue easy monitior along with the chart on this website with tempt. I went to the REI office on cycle day 8 (which was a Friday) and had a folicle that was 14 and went back on cycle that Monday and it was already an 18.  Likely I ovulated a day or two later, so hopefully I had a 20 or larger.  
So glad so many of us are hanging in there together!
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This is also my last cycle of clomid. I'm assuming next step is injectables too however, my doctor wants me to call for an appt to discuss next step if get my period. So really hoping and praying this is the month. Are your breasts usually tender at this time?

Good luck!!!

Lil_lady-- yes if you're not having any cramps I wouldn't worry about it. Even with me having cramps they said they don't look any further into it unless you have servre cramping. Cause that could mean bigger cyst, smaller ones very common with clomid and they usually just burst on their own within a cycle or so and don't cause problems.
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Hi Ladies!

I just read through all of your posts and I see that some of you are going to be taking progesterone. I've read that it isn't good for early pregnancy, so I would like your knowledge! I have to take progesterone to get AF, so I've taken my first round of Clomid and I'm currently nearing the end of my tww on 13 dpo, I've taken hpts and they have all been negative. I'm wondering if I should hold off at least another week to see if maybe I'll get a positive or if I should start taking progesterone so that I can start another period and get on to round two of Clomid (I take 1 pill 1x a day for 10 days, so in my mind it's a loooong process). I'm going to call my Dr tomorrow but I wasn't sure if you ladies have any input.

Good luck during all of your twws and I wish you all much luck!! SSBD!!!<3
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Progesterone is extra support to help get pregnant and stay pregnant.  You are supposed to start is 2-3 days past ovulation and take it until you have a blood test that is negative.  Once you stop it, your AF arrives.  If you blood test is positive, you take it for 10 weeks to help with support the pregnancy and help avoid MC.
I just started a new for of Progesterone called Endometrin.  
Progesterone won't start AF, it will delay it.  It also makes your feel pregnant which is a bummer since the 2ww is hard enough!
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I agree Risa, the progesterone does mess with you & give you symptoms like you're pregnant.  Really makes you get your hopes up.  But it's worth it if it works.
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Hello LADIES.....

I am 2dpo and will start progestrone(vaginal) from today.. I was on clomid 100mg this cycle. I have a short luteal phase, thats why my doc put me on progestrone and clomid for 3 months...

BUT this cyle we couldnt BD on the days before ovulation...we could only the day after ovulation... do u guys think i stand a chance this cycle? i dont have any hopes for this cycle BUT.. was wondering if i still have a chance.......
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Hi ladies, I took a HPT yesterday and got a BFN but my DH and my closest friend both swear I am. Intuition maybe....It was day 12 yesterday. Has anyone found out they were pregnant and had no systems? My boobs don't hurt or anything. Could I have tested too early? Should I take another one or just wait till friday when I have my blood test? I'm really confused.

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Wow there are so many of us ladies in the same boat - the waiting game! Looks like many of us are taking Progesterone too. I started my oral prescription yesterday and the only side effect that I've had has been irratability. Yesterday and today I have been in such a bad mood and im usually such a happy positive person :(  Maybe i'm just having a "feeling sorry for myself" kind of day.

Welcome 12121890, is this your first cycle of Clomid? I do think you have a chance of getting pregnant because my OB said to BD up to AND during/after Ovulation. So that has to mean you can get preggers after ovulating.... right? I really dont know too much about it. My story was the complete opposite as yours. We BD a bunch before O and then not so much after. So looks like me and you better be praying for a miracle! I hope God answers our prayers!!

Nikki7732 - It's funny because usually when people think your pregnant (but you dont) you usually are. I dont want to get your hopes up but you have a pretty good chance! My last pregnancy (that sadly ended at 5 weeks) I had no symptoms at all. I didnt even believe the HPT when it was a BFP because I had no symptoms. So yes it could happen. Every woman is different. Wishing everyone lots of luck and sending lots of baby dust!!
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I won't start my 2ww until May 30th...this is our week to BD...hope we are successful...was on clomid 50 mg, cd 3-7...this is my 5th time taking clomid...didn't O on 100mg
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Well the days just seem to be flying by surprisingly. I cant wait to know whether I am or not. Has anyone taken a HPT or is planning on taking one soon?

Welcome everyone that's coming to their 2ww and the ones who have just started. Good luck to all!!
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