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Day 6 post embryo transfer

Hi, I am now on day 6 of a 5 cell and 2 cell embryo transfer. Transfer was on day 2. I'm
Taking pregnacare, drinking water, pomegranate juice, no house work other than washing up (hubby doing everything). I have had mild period type cramps yesterday, no spotting. Im not doing much other than walking/driving is there anything else I can do to make the embies 'stick'? This is our 3rd and last go on ICSI but began with brown discharge on day 13 each time. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?? Please help!! X

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I am so very sorry but there is nothing you can do at this point.  I think that having a 5-cell embryo on day 2 is great though.  I hope this cycle bring you a bfp.  
Let us know how your tests go.
Fingers crossed!
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Thanks very much! I test on 14th so will let you know how I get on. How are you? Have you succeeded yet? X
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Hey (me again lol) There really isnt much you can do now...it's just horrible waiting and wondering, but here are some little bits of advice my acupuncturist gave me during my 2ww.

Drink 2-3 ltrs a day
Eat a low GI diet (your sugar levels shouldnt dip/increase dramatically as it can poss effect implantation)
No stretching (no reaching up into cupboards etc) or even ironing
No hot baths
No caffeine so no chocolate either (a piece of dark 70% choc at a stretch)
Light exercise - perhaps a gentle walk each day

I wish it were the case that all the above would give us our miracles...but it's now down to fate.  Lots and LOTS of sticky babydust to you....take care
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Ha ha hello you! 

Thanks for your advice. I'm walking gently each day. Your no ironing comment got me out of my Sunday job so thanks for that, hubby now has to do it ha. I'm becoming very lazy with all these things I can't do.

Today is day 7 and I've had mild cramping again this morning and yesterday a bit of backache but I've heard that implantation can be for around 3 days so I'm trying to think it could be that as its much to early for my period. 

I will increase my water intake. I don't each much sugar things and have a well balanced diet of fruit, veg, white meat and fish. Avoiding red meat as I've heard you shouldn't eat that somewhere. 

How are you feeling today? 

✨✨ baby dust and bfp to all ✨✨x
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Haha yeah my Hubby is fab and during our IVF he was like, "what you doing, don't reach up there" lol bless him.  

I honestly can't remember now how I felt during my 2ww with the IVF, I think I've kinda blocked it all out but I don't really remember any cramping, except for just before my bfn but that was 15dp the IVF...who know's, maybe something really special is happening inside?!  If only we could look inside eh?  Keep going as you are, you sound like you are doing everything you should so if things don't work out, it's just not meant to be this time (I know this does NOT help).  But I really am thinking off you and hope the best for you.

I'm good today thanks, am pampering this weekend (hairdressers, spa day with my girls).  Got my 2nd menopur injection tonight.  Things are going as well as they can I guess....

Lots of baby dust to all....keep me posted with your cycle :o) x
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Hi Paula just joined and wondered how u got on my story is just like yours. Looking for support and have lots to give x
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ii today day 6 - ivf.. they put 3 active embryo- this is my second ivf for me pls pray for me.
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Hi everyone new to this site but can't take the wait!!! Had a single six cell embryo transfer on day three and felt some mild cramping on day two with cramping light still here and there!!! Had my transfer on Tuesday six days ago and started to have some brown sorting very light! Iam wondering if and if you have experienced this to?? Also taking vaginal endometrin 3 times daily. Could this be the cause of my symptoms Iam hoping all is well this is my first time doing a cycle and I had the mini ivf due to age 29. Any comments well help put me at ease
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Can anyone reply to my post please
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