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Does anybody else have infrequent periods?

I was a late starter, around 16. I'm now 20 and I can more or less count the amount of periods I have had.

I've been to see the Doctor recently, as I'm getting married next year and in the near future we would like to start a family. Of course, my irregularity concerns me and my ability to conceive. I suffer with anxiety which I think could have quite an effect, and also I have been gravely ill recently too, but I'm glad to say I've made nearly a full recovery.

Until today, I was 55 days late with no pregnancy. I'm always quite hit or miss whether I'm going to have a period or not. Also, I am of normal height, weight and diet, I do not smoke and I only drink bi-annually! Doc confirmed I am not an obvious contender with PCOS.

Just wanted to see if there were any other ladies in my situation for some support as I'd love to be a Mum someday and it worries me...
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I've given up tracking my period because it is so irregular. I would say it's anywhere between every 12 days and every 50 days.
I have gone up to three months without a period at times when I am not sexually active. When I do get my period the next time after this long wait, it is usually what I call a "ghost period" in which the bleeding lasts only a day or two and the discharge is more brown than red.

I also suffer anxiety and OCD as well as being otherwise in good health standing. You are not alone. I do sometimes fear that I am not fertile because of this, but I do still take birth control (since i am not ready to conceive).

Some forms of birth control can help regulate periods a bit more, and when you are ready to conceive, they do not negatively affect fertility. This fact alone has calmed me to some extent.
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