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Does over the counter Progesterone works or helps?

I think one of my issues as to why I am having a hard time conceiving is because I have thin uterus lining because I really bleed light and my period has only been lasting 1-2 days.  I've brought it up with my gyn and he said its ok just as long as I bleed.  I'll probably make another appt with him but for the time being, I've read online about over the counter progesterone creams.  Has anyone tried them and did it help?  While I'm already here posting a question I might as well ask also if there's any woman out there who bleeds light and was still able to get pregnant???????
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I tried the Progesterone cream once.  It didn't seem to make a difference.  If you try it, make sure you ONLY use it during your luteal phase.  If you use it before it MIGHT actually cause you not to ovulate.  But to increase my Progesterone I took vitamin B6 my whole cycle.  That worked wonders for me to increase my luteal phase.  But as far as the thin lining and lighter periods, I don't know.  I had lighter periods for almost a year after stopping the pill.  Now the past 4 months or so they returned to normal where they're kind of heavy.  Before the pill I had very heavy cycles and got pregnant easily but I was much younger so who knows.  There are plenty of women on here with lighter periods who do get pregnant so it's up in the air.  But 1-2 days sounds kind of short to me to be considered normal.  Are you coming off of any kind of bc?
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I use a progesterone cream called Femgest. I started using it do to spotting after having a m/c. I spotted for like 10 months and then I started using the cream and taking a B complex and my spotting stopped. I actually got pregnant a few months later.  
This has really helped my cycles and I am using them again now.
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Hi, I have always had a very short cycle (23 days) which is light to medium flow that lasts 2 to 3 days. 1 box of tampons can last me 6 months.  No joke! I have had one child who is turning 6 this December. We have been actively trying for another for the last year and a half but haven't been using any prevention for the last 5 years, with no luck so far. I am currently doing OPK tests, which all show negative. I have completed 2 kits so far and have 2 more weeks of testing before I will have some blood work done to assess if am indeed not ovulating...which I don't how that can be, if I have a regular cycle every month.
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Thank you for your responses.  I only started to get short cycle with minimal bleeding about a year and couple months ago (I actually just turned 35 too).  I haven't been on BC pills for almost 8 years.  My gyn keeps telling me that its ok just as long as I bleed so I don't know.  Maybe its just my hormones but I started taking B6 about a month and a half ago and my luteal phase was a little longer but period only came light for 2 days.  I'm just worried that my uterus lining are not thick enough for a baby to implant itself.....but thanks again
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