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Follicle Size 11mm on CD 11... Any Hope??

Hi... I'm almost 35 years old and have been TTC for around 1.5 years now. PCOS problem... Took letrozole and injectibles and had 3 IUIs done in Dec2010, Jan 2011 and April 2011... all BFNs... took a 4 month break from meds... started TTC journey again in Dec 2011.. Lezra 2.5mg days 2-6, Gonal F 75IU on CD 7-9.. U/S on Day 11 showed leading fllicle size as 11mm.. upped Gonal F to 150IU on Days 11 & 12... CD 13... No growth at all.. leading follicle size was 12mm... cycle bust!!
Jan 2012 ... repeated meds.. Femara 5mg. CD 2-6, Gonal F 75IU on CDs 7-9.. U/s Day 11.. leading follicle size 11mm..... FRUSTRATED!!!!
Is there any hope that an upped dosage of Gonal F would make them grow further?? Has anyone else been in this situation??
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He can up your dose of gonal f and start u on cd 3. My re had me on 112.5 cd 3-12. He would up it or lower it as needed.  They tend to grow 2mm per day so yes u still have some hope for this cycle but re should consider upping your dose and starting u on it at cd 3.

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Cycle busted... they upped my dose to 150 ius per day for another 3 days but my follicle went up only till 13*12 on cd 16... hopes deflated!!!
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Are you also on Metformin?  It can also help some women with PCOS to improve ovulation.
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