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Follicle size

I have had 2 failed IUI's. My doc doubled my dose of Letrozole this month to 5mg days 3-7. Went in on day 10 and had 3 growing follicles, 10mm, 11mm, and 13mm. On day 12 went back in 2 days later and had only 2 follicles and the biggest was only 14mm, so it only grew 1mm in 2 days. Went in for 3rd sono hoping for at least 18-20mm after it being 4 days since last sono, but still only had 2 follicles that were 13mm and 15mm. So my bigger follicle had not grown but 1mm in 4 days and the other smaller one looked like it had some fluid accumulating around it. They think that the fluid and decrease in size could be from the release of the egg. But I am frustrated because it would have been too small to be a mature egg and also because my follicles were not growing past 14mm when the past 2 times before the IUI I had about a 22mm follicle. I am worried that I did not ovulate and the 2 follicle still might be growing and I will miss the point to do the HCG injection and 3rd IUI because my doc thinks I already ovulated and we missed the chance. I have also been cramping some the past 2 days and having a hint of redish-pinkish discharge. I had high hopes for doubling the dose of meds this cycle and the fact that I actually had more than one growing follicle starting early this time when the 2 past attempts I have only had one. Can anyone answer any of these questions to where they make sense??
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Were you on Chlomid or Femara? If I were you, I would ask about going on injectables.. such as Menopur or a low dose of Gonal F. The results are so much better. If your doctor is an RE (reproductive endocrinologist), he should have been able to predict when you will ovulate and a 14mm follicle is a little too small to release a mature egg. I guess it is possible you have already ovulated and a blood test would be able to determine if it was a detectable egg or ovulation. Fertility drugs cause cramping, that could explain the discomfort but I think it is too soon to tell what happened. If this is a BFN, your doctor should change your protocol and recommend injectables. Good luck.
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I wonder if the 14mm one grew to 18mm and released before that ultrasound and the 15mm one that you saw was the one that had been the smaller of the two on the last sono?  

I'm surprised they let you go four days between sonos.  Did your Dr. give you an indication of when they wanted to do the IUI or are you scheduled for another sono first?

It definitely would suck if you missed the chance of the IUI even while being monitored.

Have you tried clomid or just the letrozole?  I know that some women have a better response on different ones.  

Hang in there.  I had success with my 4th IUI, even though it unfortunately ended at 6 weeks as an ectopic.  It was still successful, and that is what I am holding on to.

Good Luck!
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I have also had 2 failed IUIs and for my current one was switched to injections (Puregon). The success rate with injections over Clomid is slightly higher so I chose to give that a try. Something to consider.

It's my first ultrasound day of the cycle past day 3 so I don't have follicles yet but my lining level is already much thicker than it usually is at this point.

I ovulate on my own and they don't appear to have any worries about how things went the last 2 times on Clomid, but I've only ever had 1 mature follicle with a secondary one that was 'almost there' or shrank right before the procedure.I know we want lots of follicles to increase the chance of it working, so when I expressed disappointment over that, they remind me "People conceiving naturally release 1 egg...  keep trying." But I empathize exactly with how you feel.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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Thank you. Yes I was on clonus for 9 months before the letrozole and yes it had been 3 days between the last 2 sonos. I go back Friday for sono to double check. I'm sorry to hear about your ending with ectopic but hang in there. At least you know now that it's possible to conceive..
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I meant Clomid and now Letrozole with HCG inj past 2 IUI's...
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