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High HR..Am I having a girl?

I had an U/S today the baby was measuring right on target for the EDD Feb 22!  The HR was 153...does that mean I'm having a girl?? LOL I knwo the old wives tale says high HR means girl low means boy..but we are really hoping for a boy ( A girl would be loved just as much) I am just wondering if anyone had high HR for baby & had a boy??
I feel so much better seeing & knowing the HR, but now I can't wait for the 12 week goal..lol

Thanks in advance ladies!
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Oh & I am 7w3d!
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When we had our 13 week u/s the hb were 148 & 150, one is 90% boy, other not sure. Keep fingers crossed their all boys. Don't think that's a high hb, but not sure either.
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hmmm...i was wondering the same thing....but i've heard the opposite...high HB for boys...that would be really interesting to know....my babys hb was 166 on last ultrasound...gonna hear it again on thursday hopefully....gender scan is still few weeks away...(secretly hoping for a girl)..:)...well in the end all that matters is a healthy beautiful baby...but it would be really interesting to know different people's experiences with it.
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Thanks so much for the replies ladies!
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I had a girl and her Heart Rate was Always high infact at 7w 3 d her heart rate was 172
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My baby girl's heart rate was 154 :-)
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