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Hysterosalpingogram....is it necessary?

Hi!  I have a hysterosalpingogram scheduled this coming Thursday and am wondering what to expect.  My Dr. is being pretty vague....saying it is slightly uncomfortable...but I have read other forums where woman say it is brutal....also...is it a totally necessary procedure?

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HSG is not that bad, you will feel little pinch in the beginning and may be some cramping. It is t check your tubes and shape of the uterus.
Many people get pregnant soon after HSG, I had my HSG done on my CD9, now I am on CD22, waiting to see whats going to happen.
Good Luck and just go with a positive mind.

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Thanks!! Do you think I'll be able to attend a Halloween party later in the evening? LOL
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i had a bit of cramping during the procedure whenthey inflated my tubes, but felt absolutey fine afterwards (and i have had 2 done over the years)
it is an important part of finding out what the next best step for you to get pregnant is, so definintely a need to do.
and i felt fine enough to go out the same night :)
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Thanks!!! Ok...I was kind of psyching myself out a little! But I can't help but to be a little nervous. So thanks a bunch for calming my nerves!!
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I had heavy period like cramps with mine .. not that comfortable but it's over relatively fast .. ended up taking the rest of the day of work as felt a bit crampy but was fine by the evening

my clinic told me I could take ibuprofen beforehand but as I was ttc, I didn't want to and kind of wish that I had but it really was no big deal in the end!

a good friend of mine had hers and got pg that cycle!!
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I just had one done 3 days ago & it was extremely painful.  My re had me take Tylenol and ibuprofen before the procedure & I was still in a lot if pain.  The good news is that it's quick.  I wish someone had told me what to expect.
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I had mine a few weeks ago.  I took a couple of Aleve before hand, and it wasn't anything at all.  The most uncomfortable part was the speculum.  Although I can't tell my husband that, because I was so upset before the test that I would be embaressed to confess that it didn't hurt at all.

I went back to work after mine was done without any problem.  If your doctor doesn't have a problem with it I would take Aleve instead of Tylenol.  I think it does better for cramping.

Also, you should see if they can turn the screen to let you watch.  My doctor set the monitor to where my husband and I could both see as well, and we got to watch the dye going through the tubes.  That was kind of neat.
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It is very uncomfortable, but not unbearable. It is not a mandatory test, but a very useful test. Not only can it help diagnose or rule out problems, but it can be theraputic and help to increase your fertility following the test.

I would reccomend doing the test for anyone trying to concieve. After the test I felt like and was bleeding like I was on my period. I chose to go home and do nothing (but then again I was depressed about life in general at that time). But you can go out and do what ever you want after the test.

Hope all goes well for you dear! :)
P.S. I did get preggo the same month as my hsg test. I'm 12 weeks along today! With lots of prayer you can be here with me too! :)
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Honestly, it depends on the person. Most women don't experience much pain, but to others it is unbearable. For me personally, the cramping caused by the dye was not a huge deal, but the balloon they inflated in my cervix beforehand was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I almost did not complete the procedure because of it, and was only able to because the doctor only inflated the balloon halfway the second try (which did not hurt), so it must depend on the individual woman's cervix.

It was a good thing I had it, though, because they discovered a malformation of my uterus that would most likely have caused miscarriages had I not had it corrected with surgery.

I definitely think it's a good idea to get it done. If you're afraid it'll hurt, just ask the doctor to inflate the balloon slowly. Good luck!
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I was very scared because I generally have a very low pain tolerance and had heard horror stories. I asked my RE if he could prescribe me something and he gave me 1 valium to take an hour before, +800 mg ibuprofen. It was not as bad as I thought it might be. It was definitely painful when they inflated the balloon, but that only lasted for a few seconds. The nurse told me that women who have previously had kids compare the pain you feel when the balloon inflates to early labor. So, just a taste of what is (hopefully) to come, right? :) The dye injection was not painful for me. Good luck!
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I had my HSG two weeks ago.  I was a little nervous before hand.  But the Dr and the nurse were fab, put me at ease straight away.  I didn't feel a thing tbh and it was over pretty quickly!  Some people have period type cramping.  I hope it goes smoothly for you.  Let us know how you get on.
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