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Did I have a missed miscarriage??

(Long post but please help this is depressing for me) I am 20 years old and since June I've been trying to conceive. I've had no luck succeeding so far and I don't know What's going on. I've been tracking my cycles since July and my first cycle from July 6th to August 4th was 29 days then it was 33 days, then my next one was 28 days. Im not for sure if that's irregular or not but then In October I actually got my period twice. I got one October 4th and then another period, (which was my last period) October 29th Which made that menstrual cycle 25 days long and I didn't think anything of it because people said it was okay to get a period a week early. And plus I thought it was just changing from the beginning to the end of the month because it sometimes does that. So When the end of November came I ended up not getting a period and I was so excited because I never missed a period before and of course I was thinking I finally got pregnant. I ended up taking a test a week after the missed period and it was negative. So I waited until the 6th week and it was still negative. I was going through symptoms like cramps on my bottom left side of my stomach, I was having one sided headaches, I was gassy and bloated, around what I thought was week 7 my nipples became sore and my gums were swelling and I really thought I was pregnant so I just waited to see if I was going to miss another period the 8th week. Then on the 21st of December (right before i thought I could've reached 8 weeks) I started bleeding and I cried so hard because I really thought I was finally about to have a baby and Idk if that was a period or miscarriage because a really big blood clot that was much bigger than a quarter came out of me. I bled for 3 days like a normal period because my periods are only 3 days long but sometimes there was blood in my pad and sometimes there wasnt throughout those three days. I want to know if its possible I could have gotten pregnant and loss the baby and it didn't come out of me until my next period or did I just have a missed period for no reason. I honestly just want to know what could be going on with me and what was that..
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I'm really sorry it has been so long since you had an answer to your question.  How are you now?  The thing to know about trying to conceive is that it takes the average couple at least one full year to conceive.  Have you seen an ob/gyn?  I so recommend that.  I had some similar symptoms to you and they uncovered that I was actually having a thyroid issue.  I had a slow working thyroid.  I was in my 20's, it resolved and I went on to have two children. I'm thinking most likely you were not pregnant.  Give me an update for how you are.
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