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IVF - 2 WEEK wait

HI all,

I am new to this website. I have my transfer on Friday 24th July, I was told by my Clinic to wait 2 weeks before taking a pregnancy test, but of course I could not wait I told one last Friday the 1st Aug and I got a very faint line, then I took one theree days later and that came up neg, I took one this morning and it also came up neg, I am due to take another in the morning which will be day 14 and I have to ring the clinic with my results then, has anyone tested on day 13 and got a neg and tested on day 14 and got a pos. Please help this is my 1st IVF and I am prayer so hard that when I wake in the morning i will recieve good news! I have been cramping for the last week and feel as if my period is coming on, I was due them last Sunday (day 28) and today is day 32, but the clinch say that my period does'nt have to come until I go off all the meds. Any help, information would be great! Both our embyros were eight cell and I have just turned 27, so I had it in my head that I had a very good chance of this working.
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well good luck, as for the positive tests they say to wait 14 days cause the hormones are still present in your system from the meds you have taken, and are supposed to be gone by 14 days after transfer.
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Took the test as my clinic told me to on Friday and it came out Neg, today is Sunday and got my "P", so I guess that is it - we are so so disappointed. I think eveyone in some way, thinks that it is going to work for them, and there is always that little part of your mind that makes the plans for the furture!
Don't thing we will be able to try again until next year, as I am starting a new job the end of August and wont be able to take the time off, plus we will need to start saving as the IVF cost us 8 thousand euro last time.
Can anyone tell me, if I should try 5day Blast next time, as I had 3 day transfer last time????
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Aww hun, I am so sorry it didnt take! God does have a plan (as much as you probably dont want to hear it; I know I wouldnt want to).. Focus on your new job and regain your strength and optimism, it WILL happen! Have faith! Xoxo

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Anyone out there in their 2WW ?!? I am 6dp3dt tomorrow! Yes I POAS already.. I know very early, but I just couldnt help it... lol... BFN...

How is everyone else holding up?
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mafilla- I am in the dreaded 2ww. I also will be 6dp3dt 2morrow. I will test on sun 8/23 one day before my beta. Best of luck to you.
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I'm now 7dp3dt, just one day difference. I will have my test on sat, 8/22.
Do you have any symptoms like spotting or cramps, nausea etc?
I had cramps for a couple of days after transfer and still have, but very mild ones.  No spotting at all, almost no breast tenderness. Just since yesterday, started nausea, I imagine it's from Progesterone.

I wish we can share our days till preg test!

Good luch for everyone hoping to get pregnant!!
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