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Implantation bleeding or periods coming?

My lmp was on June 8.last 2 cycles were 42 and 44days.before that it was 25 as I had hypothyroidism.now the values are normal for last 2 months and I am still having medicines.so as I am trying for pregnancy we had intercourse till 26th day because my last 2 cycles were 40 plus and I guessed my ovulation to be around 30 days.now from my 26th day,day before yesterday I am having spotting (just one or 2 drops discharge like on pad or when wiped with tissue and is pink,brownish red or with a streak of red).I am confused whether it is ovulation bleeding, implantation bleeding or my periods coming.please help me?how to differentiate these three spotting?
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Hi. Well, that's exciting!  Trying for baby is fun even when a little frustrating!  In looking for your timing, you seem to be guessing it well.  My doctor always told me that you start counting on the first day of a cycle (first day of your period) and at day 10, begin having sex every other day for the next 10 days.  As you said, since your cycle is a little longer, you'd go for extra days.  maybe an extra 10 days to make sure.  :>)  That is intercourse every other day all that time.  This is the best way to catch the egg!  Were you successful this last cycle?  Maybe. Some women have exactly what you describe.  Small trace amounts of blood during implantation.  I never had implantation. I get what you have and it means my period is on its way.  But time will tell.  Spotting for me though is usually more brown.  

Have you ever done temperature taking?  It really helped me and added in just a bit more data to understand what my body was doing.  Let me know if you want to know how to do that!
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Yes we had intercourse every other day from day 10 to day 26.today I am having a little more blood coming bt not much more than a small coin size stain on my pad.today it's third day I am having this.the blood is not that brown and not always red bt a dark maroon and brown mixed shade.if it is periods coming I am worried about my ovulation because we had intercourse every other day and why I am not pregnant.i would like to know more about temperature tracking too.one more thing is that will having sex soon after implantation cause bleeding?I am afraid that this may be the reason of my bleeding.i donno this is a stupid question to ask.
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