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June 2010 IVF

looks like my egg retrieval will be next weekend. Anyone else doing IVF this month?
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I agree with Kristy, you have to just try and stay positive!  I think that pregnancy and AF symptoms are pretty much exactly the same.  Not only that, but you also have the progesterone side effects, which mimic pregnancy symptoms.  

I didn't have any signs that I was going to get my BFP before hand, except light cramping and sore bbs.  But, I had that with AF before we started IVF so I think they are similar.  They say the cramping is just your uterus making room for you baby(ies).

My nurse also told me that we might not feel "pregnancy symptoms (aka morning sickness)" as early as others b/c it's the hormones that make you sick and we have so many already running through our system from IVF, that we are somewhat used to it.  And, I agree...I haven't felt great since we started the shots b/c of all the hormones so when we got our BFP, I didn't feel any different the first week and a half afterwards and started worrying that something was wrong.  That's when my nurse reassured me everything was fine and so far, so good!  Then, last weekend, morning sickness kicked in!  Not fun, but at least I know it's a good sign!

Good luck on your Beta!!
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Good Luck!!!!  I hope this is your month!!!  
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Thanks Melissa and good luck to you too!
It's all in God's hands.
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a bunch of us are on a june thread!jump in!
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just saw that thread! wonderful! It's always good to have company...
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i find out next tueday if i will be starting ivf #2. maybe july
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That's exciting! keep us posted
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Good luck all!  I have my beta tom!   Rose33 - this was my first retrieval, and I found it to be an easy part of the process - I hope you do too :)  
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Good luck tomorrow!! how many did you transfer?
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just 1 little munchkin  - they said he was perfect lets hope so!
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Hi Rose. Good Luck to you this month. I just had my transfer 4 days ago. We transferred two embryos. Its nice to know there are threads out there so us in this world of infertility can lean on eachother. My friends who are all pregnant just dont seem to really understand. They try to be there for me, but I dont feel like they really get it. We all hope and deserve a BFP.
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I totally understand how you feel... it definitely helps to be here and share our stories and thoughts with other people who are going through this.
I am getting closer to retrieval and this is my second time around. Very scared this time even much more than the 1st. I am not worried about the procedure itself but very worried about the outcome.
It is taking so much out of me and I really need it to work this time!! I guess I have to pray and pray and hope for the best.
When is your beta scheduled for?
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How many follicles do you have? When do you think your retreival will be? I will be thinking of you. I have an ultrasound this weekend to check my uterine lining and they check my progesterone levels. Then the Beta is June 19th.
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You only have less than 10 more days to find out! that's awesome!

Yesterday's ultrasound showed 6 measurable follicles but many smaller ones under 10 that might catch up since we are going very slowly this time. Will know tomorrow if there's more.
I am an over responder and did get OHSS last time and therefore my RE is being extremely cautious and conservative this time and she thinks that the stimulation is going much smoother than last time.
My retrieval is most likely to fall on the weekend. Almost there!
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That is awesome! So exciting!!! How are you feeling?

I am still pretty bloated from my treatment. I cant wait for it to go away. Its not a very nice feeling. I have also put on some pounds from the treatment as well. I am sure I am not the only one out there who has. None of my clothes fit me!!! I might have to go and do some fat shopping! The nurse's told me to drink gatorate for the bloating. I was on the max dose of the gonal F. What are you taking? How are you followed at your clinic? What is the process?
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Ugh!! I know exactly how you feel! I got sick for over a week last time... was very bloated and sore. Hope you feel better soon!
I am doing the antagonist protocol this time and I am on 150IUS of Gonal-F, 75 units Luveris and Ganarelix now.
my stims are going slower this time but more comfortable. I've been going for u/s and bloodwork every two days unlike last time where I was there almost everyday as a result of my quick response and elevated E2 levels.
My E2 levels are where they should be so far and I am trying to be positive and hope for the best but I am being very emotional lately!!
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Your hormones are way out of wack too. I was on 600 IUS of the gonal-F. I was spending $1000/day in drugs!! In my previous months I my follicles were ready far too quick on a lower dose of the puregon 375 on day 6, and this time on the increased dose (go figure) I had the retreival day 17, which apparently is really late. Where are you from? I am from Ontario. At the clinic I go to, we go everyday, we have our ultrsounds everyday, and blood work every day. Then we get followed 1 week after transfer, than go back 1 week later for "the PG test" result.
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I am on day 10 now and they are monitoring me every two days this cycle because everything is going smooth so far, Thanks God. They might start to have me come in every day when we get really close to retrieval. Last cycle I was triggered on day 9 which was too soon. I was also monitored every day because things were going too fast and they were trying to make things go in sync. I am from Boston,MA and my clinic doesn't follow up with me after transfer. They only schedule the beta 12 days after transfer...ugh!!
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Are you given progesterone to take after the transfer?
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Hi there I'm hoping to start my meds between the 19 and 21 so fingers crossed for all of us best of luck xx
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Good luck to you! What meds are you starting?!
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Am nit sure till I get the prescription but last time I was on gonal f 112.5 and orgalutron and progesterone supps so I think it will be the same am nervous about starting again the meds played havoc with my body ANC the egg retrival really hurt sm dreading it and grateful to be able to have another chance !!! The best of look with your eggs hope you get lots lol we sound like chickens lol best of luck praying fir us both xxxx
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ER on Sunday! it's official now.....
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