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June IVF? !

Getting ready to start ivf #2..started bc and will start femura on the 27th..then adding lupron , follistim, progesterone shots and suppositiories! The femura and oil shots are new.......had a chemical in March after having only 2 to transfer..1 perfect..1 ..ok...........Anyone else getting ready to!start? It sure helps to have company! Oh I have also been taking DHEA and started acupuncture in April and chinese herbs!
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Thanks for the note.  Sounds like you have a game plan also.  I am going to start as soon as AF arrives.  I won't be taking birth  control this time.  I think I am also going to stay away from medhelp when I start cycle because it seems to stress me out too much...........but until then. ... I am here. LOL
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Hey there ! I did ER this month but didn't get to ET because of OHSS ! I will be doing a All natural FET ! Do you mind if I hang with you ! All the other threads are already get there betas so I am felling a litlle left behind !
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Not doing a cycle in June, but wanted to wish you the best of luck!  I'm glad to hear your doing another cycle!!!!!

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I just recently started my first IVF cycle. I went for my suppression check today.  The u/s looked good but I won't get the blood results back until later today.  I should hopefully be starting stims in the next few days.
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on bcp now .......ahhhhhhhh.. i have 2 more weeks left on bcp and start lupron on May 30th.
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Wishing all the best for those starting or are about to start first or next cycle in ivf. My cycle in april worked (our first ivf) but i miscarried 10days after getting BFP. We are trying natuarly now for couple months , then will begin another cycle of ivf when i get my period late july.
xx melissa
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well AF has came and went all my blood work was perfect is what the RE said :-) Now I start my OPK every day so if I ovulate early they will move up my FET ! I am trying to keep busy so the time goes fast but it is not working ! I have been helping hubby with the new additions we are putting on the house helping cleaning the pool and croceting baby blanket and well none of this is helping ! Any ideas ????
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So glad there is some of us out there ..thanks to all the positive vibes!

baby4for me- Cleaning the pool sounds great to me! I am finishing up school (i teach) hoping the  craziness keeps my mind  busy!

vero-looks like we r real close...is this your 1st?

hopeits my month- glad you will be right with us too!

My appointment is set for the 27th with meds starting that night...never did the oil shots so nervous about that...
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Starting my estrace and antibiotics tomorrow, and my lining check US is on June 3. Hoping to transfer june 7-11!!! Getting nervous...this is my third try. Fresh IVF didn't work, 1st FET ended in miscarriage at 12 weeks and here we go again!!!
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Yes, this is my first......first appt in june 7th.
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Got my meds today .... Oh my gosh soooo many meds ... I feel overwhelmed!
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Vero1125 - I completely agree with you about the meds...the box was huge!  It isn't so bad once you start taking them.  

I started my stims today.  Starting to get excited!
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Hey..went to Met game last night//took my mind off all this for a minute! Getting excited to get rollin!

vero- the first time i saw the box I almost died! But hope is correct, once u start its not too bad!

Krichar- glad your in! I wonder how close our dates will be ..i keep trying to calculate! The worst part is all the time off from work..my prinicipal is not so happy with me...I just have to keep my eye on the goal!
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Hey girl ! I only did a few oil shots and I am so glad I am doing this natural cycle ! they hurt not to make you nerves the frist few are okay but onse it bruses every poke hurts !
What do you teach? And what grade ??
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Started week 2 of bcp on friday .. Next sunday the 30th start lupron .. I guess i have to enjoy the uneventful pills the next few days and get ready to poke myself ... Ouch!!
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I started on Gonal f 600 and Manopour 600 on the 18th. Had my 1st US on Friday. I have 6 follies growing, next US is tomorrow to see if things are going well enough to continue. Please keep your fingers cross for me as this is my last chance. If all goes well I'm predicting ER on the May31st and ET on June 4.....and hopefully a healthy baby in Feb 2011
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Hey girl you are in my prayers ! I hope all goes well you would be having ET the same day I will do my FET !!! Hang in there and rest !
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baby4me-thats what scares me the most!! why were u on them? I teach 2/3 special ed..love my job but its hard to work and do all this! Thurs I will leave here at 5 to make it too work by 8:30!

ninita- good luck tomorrow! Grow follies grow! Let us know!

vero- I am trying to enjoy the last few days of peace as well!
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I was going to do my ET as planed 3 days after ER but when I went in to do the ET that is when they found out I had OHSS ! So I was only on the progetrion 4 days ! Make sure you ice 10 mins before the shot it helps then after the shot use a heating pad for about 5 to 10 mins it helps the oil to obsorbe ! belive it or not the shots did not bother till I stoped them ! But you will do great ! Girl you do got a hard job !!  I was a cherr coach for 4 years and I thought that was hard but it was alot of drama !
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how exciting........well we are here praying for you... keep us updated!!
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Thank you! I´m praying for all of us. I read somewhere that women that were prayed for had a much higher success rate that women that weren´t.
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Well got a call from RE's office they want me to go in on the 28th for more test a little last minute ! bucause I live out of state ! But we all got to do what we got to do right !
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Last night of BC..scan and bloods thurs am and then hopefully start to meds!

babyto hold- how far is the office? mine is about an hour and a half..

ninnita- i dont usually pray but now is probably not a bad time too start!

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Girls..........yayyyyyyy it seems like we are all getting closer .....I feel a little anxious and excited.  Sunday I start Lupron.
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