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My husband is sterile. Can I still get pregnant?

Hello, everyone. I'm 28 years old married woman. I dated this guy in my past who's my husband now. We were a happy couple, though we still are. He's 35 now, 7 years elder than me. A couple of months ago, we came to know that he's 100% sterile (infertile you can say). I just can't believe this. In our past, we had sexual relationships (with each other) a couple of times. I still remember when I checked it, it was positive. Since we were not married, I had to go for an abortion (now I feel very regret). This means he could have babies, he was not sterile at that time. After being married for two years, we can't have a baby due to my husband's infertility. And just because of this, he's now very depressed.

First, we were ready to adopt a child, but now he's completely refusing that. I have no earthly idea what's on his mind. We're not happy in these days. He now doesn't spend his time with me anymore. It seems he wants to move on. I know he loves me a lot, that's why I can't let him go. But on the other hand, I just can't see him like that. A few of our friends have suggested us to seek some medical help. I've heard about egg donation, IVF, and surrogacy. Even I've visited some fertility experts; they say everything will be good. But still, we can't go for it just like that.

Is there anyone who has used these fertility methods in his/her parts? Can you please share your experience with me? I'll be highly grateful to you.

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Sorry for your situation.  First, you have to deal with the relationship.  You two have to mend things and get on the same page before considering any type of fertility treatment.  You have to know where things are headed as dealing with infertility is not easy even with the strongest of relationships.  So, that's your first step.  Work on this.  Ask him to do counseling.  If you go through that and things are better between you two, then you can investigate the best approach to have a child together.  He's 100 percent fertile so, he can not father a child.  Period.  Your eggs are probably fine so you don't need egg donation or surrogacy.  However, you would need a sperm donor and either artificial insemination or IVF.  

These are not inexpensive.  

Build up the foundation of your relationship before undertaking this.  And maybe he's depressed to learn he is infertile at 37.  What is the cause of his infertility?  
Is "sperm donation" the only solution we have? Is there something we can do to increase my husband's sperm count? Does medical science provide any treatment for this? Or if "sperm donation" is the only option we have, what things should we keep in mind?
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You can use donor sperm and do ivf, or there is the option of donor\adopted embryos.  My husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility for several years.  We finally grew our family with donor embryos, and have 5 year old twins as a result !it kind of evens the playing field per say.  The children are not genetically either of ours, but I got to carry the baby!  I would be glad to help you with information about it if you are interested .  
Set down and share your hearts.  This is fixable and possible.  Best wishes
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