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Nanny cams

Have any of you seen that story of the woman who had twin boys and installed a nanny cam to keep her eye on them from work, while the nanny cared for them?  I'm watching Nancy Grace right now and they keep playing the tape over and over again and I just can't stand it.  It is so heartbreaking, and maddening!!  This nanny just manhandles these babies, carries them by the back of the onesie's, also under her are like a sack of potatoes.  She just throws them around like rag dolls.  So, so maddening.  Anyhow it made me wonder how many of you that have to work and will have someone else caring for your are planning on having a nanny cam?  Boy, I sure am going to now.  I wish I could stay home with my babies, though it isn't an option for me.  It is so frightening not knowing what is happening to your babies when your not around.  

PLUS, what is wrong with PEOPLE!!  They just ran a story about a mom who poisened, then drowned her 4 children, the oldest age 6.  She said she was overwhelmed by  having to care for them.   I'm just going to have to change the channel this is too sad!
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OMG, that is awful. Unfortunately it's not the first time I've heard stories like that.
I have a 5 year old. I was blessed and was able to stay home for the first year and half. when we did look we used a licensed established family daycare.
I always felt nervous about just having one persn watching your child completly unsupervised for sometimes 10 or 12 hours a day.
When we have #2, I'll be lucky to take 6 wks off, just because since the first one we have bothen house and cars and debt and .........
So I would use a home daycare again. We interviewed I would say probably 20 before I finally found the one that I just knew was right for me and my child.
Daycare centers just seem so institutional, in MY opnion, for babies. I wanted a place wehere she would get the one on one attention and love she would get if she was home. My DH has been in large preschool/Pre-K setting now for the last 2 years.

My old boss though used nanies (all from other Europe) and she loved them all. she was very lucky.
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my spelling is awful! LOL!
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my siblings and i are one of those kids that got left in the care of a stay at home nanny and i know my mum worried endlessly about how we were doing and if we were being fed properley, and if we did our homework etc. we all turned out ok, all have uni degrees  and the great part is get pampered endlessly now as adults now that my parents are winding down from their careers :)

I dont know what i will do when its my turn......
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My cousin's son was shaken by the nanny and he is now mentally handicapped (to what capacity, I do not know). Definitely install a cam. I wouldn't think twice about it!
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I saw a similar programme a lo-o-ong time ago... I'm talking several years... but it's still clear in my mind and if I wasn't able to stay home then I'd definitely be installing a camera or ten!
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Yes, I don't see how I could NOT.   While noone is going to love my child and care for him/her the way I do.  I certainly don't want someone tossing them around like an inanimate object.  

Joy Renee, So sorry about your cousin's baby.  How very sad!  Was the nanny prosecuted?  Did she serve jail time?
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I'm still going to have to work and my good friend and neighbor is going to watch my twins.....but it's going to be in her home but I would never feel the need to watch her.....but I think if it is someone you hire that you don't know very well you should definatly do it.
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That is awefull it brought tears to my eyes. Ive worked as a nanny for years looking after tiny babies and toddlers. I just understand these horrible people that do such awefull things to innocent children. They want locking up and the key throughing away.
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Use a camera. My son was 7 months old when he started having "episodes" where it looked like he was frozen and/or shaking slightly for a few seconds. He was diagnosed with Shuddering Attacks. Episodes came and went and now, at age 5, he just had his first and second full, tonic-clonic seizures.

Way back when...when he was 7 months old, I came to pick him up from the sitter's house and her 12 yr old daughter told me that he was "shaking". She described it and we talked about it with her mom. My son had no bumps and seemed fine, but later in the week when  brought up the subject again, both the sitter and her daughter acted like they had no idea what I was talking about! They acted like we'd never had that 15 minute conversation! I pulled my son and she abruptly moved out of state a month later!

I'll never know for sure, but I hate always wondering...
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I'm so sorry for the tragedy some of you have experienced.  That's absolutely horrible.  My brother and I spent our early years in both daycare Nanny care. We, too, turned out alright.  But I do have a half sister who is a toddler and attends a daycare that is monitored by a camera.  She was treated harshly in an unwarranted manner during potty time at her daycare.  The problem was uncovered rather quickly and it is hoped that there will be no lasting emotional affects.  The problem caretaker was dismissed and my sister remains there.
For me, it would be tough call because such problems can occur anywhere.  I don't mean this snarky at all but I would never think of putting a camera on anyone in my family despite the fact that the majority of child abuse occurs within the family.  And that's partially why I feel tentative about the camera.  But I just don't know.  I don't like people watching me all the time or reading over my shoulder so maybe that's also why I don't the idea.  It just feels slightly 1984ish to me.  I would want someone who is loving to look after my child and I would want them feeling comfortable doing so. I think I would do what a few of the girls have mentioned. I would do my darnedest to find someone I trust.  Thus, hopefully, avoiding any problem.
I haven't had a successful pregnancy yet, so I must admit, I might change my mind upon raising the wee bean.
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Hello everyone ~ getting the proper care for your babies is ALWAYS the most important thing ~ NEVER SHORTCUT YOUR CHOICE ~ and NEVER just go to the "most expensive ~ most publicized" centers ~ you would literally be disgusted to know what goes on behind closed doors.  ALWAYS go into ALL centers with a list of questions (I had 3-4 pages ~ and that was 11 years ago) ~ sit down with your spouse, family, friends, and come up with EXCELLENT questions about how they care for your child ~ ask for all of your caregivers Social Security numbers ~ DO BACKGROUND CHECKS ~ I even did this as far as Kindergarten ~ my daughter started right after the incident of the kindergarten molestation in New York by a teacher....~ you would be surprised how many parents just drop their kids off without a second thought ~ BUT they ALL chimed in when I sated my questions during back-to-school night ~

Oh, and one last point to remember ~ the centers who have you call or have a scheduled time for ANY visits or checkups are the ones to avoid the MOST ~ or the ones to check up on the most.  This also goes for those who are monitored and you can log in through the internet ~ the cameras don't always show all.......
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Yes, the whole daycare thing, I just don't want my newborn in.  I would really love to find one caring person.  Well, of course I'd rather be married and have my husband work while I watch my children until they are in school.  But, you can't get everything you wish for.  I know there are many, many good quality day care centers.  I would just rather a person come to my home so my child has all the things he/she is used to.  

akcp, I am so sorry about what happened to your son.  OMG!!  That woman really should be investigated.  Is he going to be alright, or will he always have these little seizures?

brown eyed gurl, You are very lucky to have such a close and caring neighbor.  
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