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Odd symptoms 7days post IVF transfer

I will post my symptoms as they have been from day 1 up to today. Should I worry about today 'The 7th day post IVF Transfer'?

Let me start by saying that this is my 5th try for IVF. I was suppose to have a blastocyst transfer but the lab technician called me up to tell me that out of the 6 fertilized eggs. 1 was fragmanted (No good) 2 C grades (No good) 3 (B grades) that were good for a transfer but if I wait for a blastocyst I may loose all 3 B graded embryos so I needed to perform the transfer that Thursday morning (July 26, 2012)

I was couldn't take the risk and so I left work, called my husband for a drop off and pick up to the hospital. So here are my symptoms:

1st day: Cramping, bloated abdomen (I believed it to be from the egg retrival), Breast tenderness, Kept my self on bed all day long.

2nd day: Pricking within the uterul lining, still bloated, still breast tenderness

3rd day: The pricking has still continued but subsides when I lay down and increases when I sit for more than an hour, bloated, constipated, breast tenderness

4th day: The pricking has been decreasing, (took a fiber gentle laxitive no more constipation), bloated but not as much, breast tendernes..

5th day: as the 4th with a pinkish barely there discharge found as I washed myself from the progesterone accumulation.

6th day: Not bloated, the pricking is almost gone, breast a bit tender but not as much, have had an increase in urinary urgency:

7th day (Today July 2, 2012) Pricking completely gone, no bloating, no breast tenderness, increase urinary urgency, feeling dizzy, feeling nauseous.

The Dizzy spell and the nausea are the things that are worrying me. Is it a sign of failure? Although my symptoms sure differ from all other 4 times that I tried..

I still remember how I felt as soon as I found fresh blood (meaning my period had come) the 4 other times. I hope I'm not feeling dizzy because my period's coming.

I tried all that I had read from the ladies 2 years ago:

Take baby aspirin
Don't go up the stairs for 2 weeks (Also confirmed by my IVF doctor)
Eat Pineapple
Take my Folic Acid

I couldn't do the acupuncture because Hubby refused, fearing some form of blood transfer disease.

If any of you ladies have any tips on my symptoms please pass it on so I can get my self ready for the good or the bad to come?
I've been video blogging to keep track of everything that has been happening to me. To look back and track all that I've done to either get a positive result or a negative one.

7 more days to go and I'll get my pregnancy taken. Not in a hurry to purchase one prior to that date as I have done 4 times before. If my period doesn't come. I'll go directly to the IVF doctor and supply them with a morning batch of morning pee that I'll hold (don't know how but I'll do it) All things different this time ;).
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I am 7 dpIUI and I am having the same symptoms, dizzy, slight nausea, kind of a "living in a cloud" feeling. I also have mild cramping in the uterine area. I did not see any blood but your spotting was likely implantation bleeding so that is a good sign. I am looking at my symptoms as hopeful, although this is my first IUI and I only had 1 large follicle.  I do wonder if it is the progesterone, too, that is making me feel this way.  I hope for both of our sakes it is because we have little beans that are sticking! Best of luck to you...only 1 week to go!  
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Congratulations on your transfer!!!  I never got to do a blastocyst transfer, but my third child was concieved with a three day transfer & came from either a 7-cell or 9-cell embryo.

All I can tell you is my experience.  With my first two children, I never really had any typical pregnancy symptoms during the TWW, I just felt cramping on and off, and was sure my period was coming.

With my last pregnancy, which resulted in my recent baby, I had to resort to IVF (ICSI).  During the TWW, about five or so days before I tested, I started to feel nauseaus & I felt tired.  And that's why I started to have some hope that it might have worked.  I have never experienced any implantation with any of my four pregnancies.  From what you've said, I'd keep positive.  The pinkish discharge could be from implantation, it would be around the right time.  The dizzy spell & sickness could also be very good signs.  I don't want to get your hopes up, but I'd stay optimistic if I were you!  

I can't wait to see your result!!  You're in my thoughts & prayers.  You really deserve this!!!  XOXOX
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No need of getting scared of IVF treatments. It is safe and will surely help you to conceive the baby. As these are the symptoms which many ladies will face during IVF treatments. Hope soon you will get a good news. All the very best.
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No need of getting scared of IVF treatments. It is safe and will surely help you to conceive the baby. As these are the symptoms which many ladies will face during IVF treatments. Hope soon you will get a good news. All the very best.
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Hi..  I am having the same symptoms as u.  I fainted/ blacked out today morning when I got up to pee. I am also 7 days post fertilization in my IVF/ICSI cycle. No nausea yet.
keen to know the outcome of ur cycle. Can u help?
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Hi..my also on 7th day and feeling pain in pelvic area ...I think its a gud sign ...baby dust to all of you dears...
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