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Ovidrel - didn't trigger ovulation

Triggered with Ovidrel on 1/2 for IUI on 1/4.  Now seeing fertile quality mucous discharge (eggwhite) and ovulation predictor shows 1/8. Is it possible that Ovidrel did not trigger ovulation?  Generally should happen within 24-36 hrs.  Dont want to waste more time and money.  Can they test for ovulation with Ovidrel in my system?  Would they get accurate results or would they have to do a sono to tell for sure...?

Afraid my stressing over this is not helping either...can't sleep.
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I actually noticed a similar thing with my last cycle.  I triggered, 34 hrs later did the IUI and the next day I got the eggwhite mucus.  I don't think that they can test for ovulation once you've had Ovidrel but I'm not too sure I might be mistaken.
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Well, I'm not the only one then!!  I was doing IUI last year, and I ovulated before the trigger.  The nurse told me this couldn't happen (it can), so I stupidly took the trigger and did the IUI.  Of course it failed.  The next IUI I did my IUI with three 20mm follicles.  Went in for the IUI 36hrs after trigger, and I ovulated about 30 hours later.  My RE now believes this did happen, and I'm now doing IVF, but I know the same thing could happen again.  I think it means our follicles are not 'behaving' as they should be.
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