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I am 22 and have been recently diagnosed with PCOS, my OBGYN reccommended that when i want to try for children she would put me on metformin. I was wondering what the success rate is? or if i there something with a higher success rate?
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I am not on Metformin but I do have PCOS.  I take Provera to induce my period and Clomid to help ovulate (has not worked yet)  

I have heard great thing from women on this forum who use Metformin!  When I go back to the doc this month for my Clomid check I will ask him if he thinks it will help me.  I would like to try it because I heard it helps women with PCOS lose weight. I need to lose weight and being on Provera and Clomid has made me gain weight the last 2 months. I have been eating right too but I am not losing anything! Grrrr

Did you doc what to try you on Provera or Clomid??????

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I have heard that is a good plan.  I myself dont have it but some of the other ladies on here do.  Maybe they could give you some better ideas.  Good luck to you.
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