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Progesterone post IVF

Hi there.  I am post IVF and pregnant (YAY!).   My first positive pregnancy test was Friday the 18th.  I have been on a progesterone insert 3x a day since the egg retrieval, as well as 2 pills of estrace a day.  Today, when I called to ask how much longer I would be on them both, and had a nurse call in my refill at another pharmacy, I learned that I should have dropped down to taking progesterone 2x a day instead of 3x - after my first pregnancy test.  I was very very upset and freaked out, asked them if it was a big deal and they said no, but I went 3 extra days doing one extra dose.  Does anyone have some words of comfort for me?  It's been such a long road, and something like this, though it may seem small, feels really upsetting to me right now.  My nurse - the one who has managed my case - has been pretty lax with me.  The clinic I am working with is one of the best in the country and I feel like everyone there is great - except my nurse.   I am so upset that this was neglected and I just want someone to reassure me that it's not a big deal....help....?!  Thanks for this place to ask/vent/share!
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Thanks for both responses!  I finally talked to doc yesterday and he said it was fine too, but I appreciate your reassurance.  I am not sure if these are my beta numbers, but I had 383 at first then like 1200 or something three days later.  Then three days later, today, it was in the 3800s.  I don't remember exact numbers - just that they said the numbers were good.  I used a fertility calculator to figure out how far along I am - but my doctor kind of said I was not as far along as I thought based on the computer.  My transfer was Feb 7 and I was a day 6.  Based on that I think I should be at 5 weeks one day.  ?  
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Taking extra Progesterone certainly can never hurt you.  The reason why they have you starting to reduce is because your body is starting to produce on its own & they want to wein you off of it.  My office does it until around week 10.  You will be fine!!

Best wishes to you.  Can you share your Beta #'s with us?
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I went to one dr that had me on 400 mg of progesterone, one that had me on 800 mg and the last one had me on 500. So I don't think there is a standard amount. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know).
That being said, I would be upset with the nurse, too. With all the time and money we spend, it is unacceptable for a nurse to be lax. My last ivf (at a top 10 clinic), I called my nurse after hours to ask a medication question and it was obvious she'd taken something (maybe a sleeping pill) and she ended up giving me the wrong information. I ended up calling the service and got the correct information but it was annoying to have to do that.
Congrats on the pregnancy. Now relax and enjoy it!
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