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Ruby Trinity

Has anyone tried her readings before.  I read about her on two week wait yesterday and looked her up.  Apparently quite a few people use her "services" to get a reading on when they are expected to have children and the sex of the child.  It is pretty neat and cheap if you go into it for fun.  I wont hold too much worth into it (unless what she predicted actually happens)  but thought you guys might want to hear about it.  I am supposed to conceive or get a bfp between April and June of this year and be preg with a girl and I am supposed to conceive or get a bfp between Feb and March of 2013 w/a girl.  
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That would be really cool!!! A baby sister!

I haven't heard of her. I did one that was floating around ff a few yrs ago named Cheri or something like that. She told me I would never have kids. Witch, lol. Actually, she told me "I would never get pg". At least she was wrong there :)  After a few months of her "prediction" eating at my subcontious, I posted a poll on ff asking whether or not her predicitons came true for the ladies that did it. She ran an 80% wrong ratio. I felt better, lol.
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I heard of her while browsing yesterday too.  A lot of people of tww said she was right, guess we will find out.  I am not even ttc #2 so if I get a suprise BFP without the use of medications and IUI I will let you know.  That is what it took to get Jason after 2 years of trying with just the help of meds so I sorta doubt I can do it twice w/out all that.
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How can I get a prediction from her?  I couldn't find anything when I looked her up.
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While searching Cheri22 and Ruby, I found my original thread from June of 07. There were 2 others that did it and she was wrong on both counts there, too. I can't find anything on Ruby other than people looking for her.
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I finally did find her through myspace.  I guess we'll see if she's right about when I conceive.  I sure hope it is soon.
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Well ladies, I was curious, & now excited.  I emailed Ruby, it only cost $8 & with a 95% accuracy rating, I thought it is worth it.  I'm gonna post her info for anyone else interested-"My new site to order a reading is at http://rubysreadings.angelfire.com  or you can also order a reading at http://www.myspace.com/babiesaregems  Much Love. Ruby"  I am excited & anxious to see what happens!
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I got her prediction and she says that she sees conception or finding out with a bfp or giving birth in March-April, so I will either get a bfp in March or April this year or will give birth next March or April according to her.  Also, she said I will conceive three in one pregnancy and it will be my last pregnancy.  I emailed her to ask her if they will be unaffected by the diorder.  She said she sees two girls and a boy.  I got a bfp with my son in 2006 in April so I hope that is not clouding what she is seeing, but maybe that is just my fertile time so we'll see.
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