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Should we go for IVF or adopt?

Husband & i been TTC for almost 3 years now. Back in 2012 i was found to have a pretty big fibroid in my uterus, which was then removed, along with 2 cysts - one in each tube. Then in 2014, another fibroid was detected and removed. My ObGyn also found that one of my tubes was badly damaged, due to one of the cysts that were there before, and made the decision to remove the tube. So now i'm left with one tube and 2 ovaries. Since then we have been told that we have to go for IVF, as my husband's sperm count is also on the low side.
But at my last appointment with my ObGyn, it was found that another collection of fluid is present in the uterus. He says he needs to remove that, and also suspects that it could be caused by my remaining fallopian tube, which is swollen. So in order to maximise the outcomes for IVF, he suggests removing my remaining tube as well.
While he refers to it as an "easy" op, i can't help but feel quite hopeless. Removing my tubes seems like such a major decision. We do badly want a child, and while IVF is already quite a hefty financial and emotional toll to bear, we now have to consider that we will NEVER be able to conceive naturally, should we decide to opt for this procedure.
We have discussed adoption as an option as well, and while it was always the "last resort", after IVF, i'm now wondering if we should give adoption a try before IVF and closing my door on conceiving naturally, forever. Not sure how my husband would feel about that though...
Oh, and since i'm in Southeast Asia, surrogacy is not really an option that is accepted or used in this country, at least not legally.
Just want to know if anyone else has been in the same (very complicated) boat? Or what do you think we should do? IVF or adopt?
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In 2007 I was told that both my tubes where blocked and can't be fix and the only option for me and my spouse to have a child is to have IVF.... The first thing they did was to remove my tubes cuz "they" say the fluid in the tubes can actually be bad during IVF we had them removed later in 2007, 2008 is when we started our journey in IVF world yes costly emotional and can be a rough road. Changed jobs just so most of it was covered( but only 1 cycle and what ever we could freeze)3 FET which didn't work out we where both up set, then in 2020 my spouse had gotten a new job that covered IVF again  So here we go for the roller coaster ride. But we had to put things on hold cuz hubby got extremely sick, then December I had to have surgery to remove a bone tumor Thank god it wasn't cancer we had the ok to start at the end of January of 2012 so new doc had all the same blood work ect I started my cycle in March 2012, the 24th they put 2 embryos back then 2week wait.... Bfp December 7. 2012 we had a health baby boy!!!! Now he's three I would change all the heart ache and in July 2015 went for 1more round we were bless with being pregnant with identical twin girls due in a few weeks !!!!!

Both an be costly in the us adoption cost more then Ivf, but if that is my only option left I would have taken that as well and figured it out

Hope this helps you a little Good luck!!!!!!
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