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What should I do? Please help.

I recently went to a gynecologist and had a paps. He immediatley performed a vaginal ultrasound...part of a fertility workup. He found that I had some problems that needed to be treated. 5 days later, I went through surgery. He performed a DNC, laparoscopy, HSG, and hysteroscopy all at the same time. He diagnosed me with a mild case of endometriosis. He also said that he found that both of my fallopian tubes were blocked. He was successful with unblocking one (my left tube), but was unsuccessful with my right tube. He had to leave the tube blocked at 100%. He recommended that I start on Injections called Lupron Depot and try these for three months. I am getting ready to return for my second injection, but I think that I want to stop b/c the side effects are getting so severe. I cannot conceive with the injections b/c it is so harmful for an unborn child. If you were me, what would you do? He feels that the injections may help clear the other tube. I want to try something else. Would I be a candidate for mini-IVF? Because of the cost of regular IVF, I cannot go this route now. I don't want to wait too late for the Endometriosis to return worse. Please help!
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I would suggest getting a recommendation for a RE & go see him.
Although I am older (38) I have not officially been diagnosed with endo although they suspect I have it because I recently had a cyst.
I am going to do IVF & prior to doing this I also have to go on lupron for a couple of weeks.
I hate to say this but I think you will probably need some help conceiving with one tube & may also have to do IVF.  With one tube blocked you have a 50/50 shot & maybe less because you don't know if the endo will grow back & clog tube again.

Again, I would go see a reproductive dr immediately before the endo does spread further.
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I'm sorry, what is mini-IVF?  I work at a fertility clinic and am unfamiliar with this terminology.
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Micro IVF in general can be described as taking either solely oral fertility meds with or without minimal use or injectable gonadotropins when going through InVitro fertilization. The process is the same as doing conventional IVF which entails egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo culture and embryo transfer. This process can diminish the risk of multiple births. Some center offer this procedure at a lower cost than conventional IVF plus there are additional savings from having to purchase less fertility meds.
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Thanks for your info, I am guessing we don't offer this service since we are in an insurance mandated state and most patients have full fertility coverage, take care!
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