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Sotoday I met my new RE, got a referral thru my OB & he is GREAT!  SOOOOOOOOO proactive!  I was LUCKY cuz today was the first app/ I could get w/him, he was on vacation & today was my CD3!!! CRAZY!  So I got my FSH & E2 done, doing the CC thingy challenge CD5-CD9 (says it will extend my O a few days) & meanwhile I will have my HSG done Monday, & Wednesday go back to hin for CD10 FSH & E2 & do the saline in the uterus US & he said something about measuring my uterus.  PLUS even though I've had TONS of blood work done since my DnC in Feb. he wants to make sure nothing has been left out etc.............
I had an US done & no cyst on my only cute lil ovary!  PHEWWWWW, cuz it had been a bit soe on my period!  So I was concerned!
SO I am really happy so far, my RE I was seeing for a few months & paying put of pocket for, had 0 nterest in doing thee tests, said "you don't need them"  I asked him about the HSG..NOPE, about the one to look inside my uterus......NOPE  about doing a CD3 FSH & E2........NOPE!   Not sure if it was cuz I was a cash patient???  IDK, but he knew I could have gotten my ob to request it all!  

So, even though I am NOT looking forward to ALLLLLLL these tests (especially the HSG & uterus one ) I KNOW it will make things more clear & we will be able to see if me getting pg again IS or is NOT a real possibility!  

Correct me if I'm wrong ladies; but if my FSH comes back under a 6 ( I only have 1 ovary, so my level could be a tiny bit off)  I should have no problem, & between a 6.1-10. I need some "help" & OVER a 10 it will be HARD/next to forget about it unless it was donar/IVF.........which is NOT an option for us.
Sound right?

This whole "fertility" stuff is STILL new to me, I miss the good'ol days, making babies the old fashion way LOL sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................
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The FSH thing sounds right to me. I am so glad you found a RE you like!!! YAY!! I like a doc that will go full-force and see whats going on!! Proactive is better than reactive! Good luck and let us know what the tests say!

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Thanks, ;) I'm a little worried to hear back about my FSH, being that I have only one ovary I'm anticipating it to be on the high side.  I did a little more looking around last night & most things I've read says that FSH measures "quantity"  My new RE told me a little of both.  So IDK????????????
Oh well!
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I'm sorry I can't help you out with your tests, but just wanted to say it is nice to see your Spirit Lifted again...Sending Lots of BABY DUST Your Way!!!
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