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a baby

i only have one tub an im trying to get pregnant for 5yeay now nt working what is the problem
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That's really complicated. Is the guy having problems? Are you having problems? Is it possible that the baby is not delivered because you still need to wait? Pregnancy need a male and female component of XX with XY slants to continue.
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If you have been trying to conceive for 5 years, I would suggest you talk with your doctor about getting some fertility tests done on you and your significant other. Sometimes if the female is having trouble conceiving, a procedure called an HSG test can be performed (thats when dye is injected through the fallopian tubes to check for blockage). Blockages in the fallopian tubes can be corrected and will most likely increase your fertility. There are also many alternative ways to conceive these days. Good luck!
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Hy! A baby-you've said that you have one tube, so I guess that you've had some tests. Last week I've had Hycosy, and found out that I have one blocked tube.
There are really so many tests you and your partner can done, so-don't waist time and please go to talk with specialist.
Like annamarie said-there are so many alternatives, if we can help, please feel free to ask!
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Are you saying that you have got only one fallopian tube??? I think it could still get pregnant; as egg releases from one ovary each month it should still be able to make it. however; you may need some assistance from a specialist. naturally it may or may not work or may take longer. did you see any fertility specialist? how old are you?

a friend of mine is trying for kids and both her tubes are removed due to some infection. she is trying it through in vitro though.

i am in the midst of my in vitro now.
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I think like you, there is always hope and a chance for a baby! There must be!!! I hope your friend will soon have success and you also!I assume that going through in vitro must be hard, but at the end of the day-you're dooing a good step and getting close to a pregnancy!!! I wish you all the best, probably in future I will have to do the same, just money problem so we have to wait at least one year, and I am 35 allready. So fingers crossed to all of us!!!!
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Thank you alexdada for the support and kind words. I might start my second cycle this month first one cancelled due to poor response last month. I am 34 and i dont respond so well to stims. my hormone numbers are not that great. hope your numbers are fine. so that you could wait for some more time.
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This is a long jurney...I've just started. My friend has tried manny times, and I understand that you have to take all the medicine they say you have to. But once when you have a time off to relax your hormones and body-take natural things Peruvian Maca.
I've heard some really great dtories, this cannot harm, just help, will make all your hormons in rigt order.
Do some raserch and think about it. If you trust me-have a hoby, anything, relaxed sports activities like pilates or simillar, or concentrate to all the things that you love, ex.fashion...reading etc, just to keep your thoughts clear....
Oooo...you're right about hormones, time goes quickly...but no worries, we are really young!!!!!!!!!!
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