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pregnancy with two uterus

I have two uterus and was wondering if it is possible to get pregnant and I was wondering if you could carry a baby to full term.  Also is there any other concerns I should be aware of?
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I have to say this is pretty cool.  I had no idea there were so many women out there with the same condition that I have!  I always say, I wish I was as popular in the rest of my life as I am at the gynocologists office!  LOL!  I also have a didelphys uterus - 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes with a septum in the middle.  I've never been pregnant.  I'm 35 yrs old and have not been too concerned about having kids until now.  My boyfriend and I are starting to plan a family.  We went to a fertility doctor to have tests run.  So far it's looking like I should be able to conceive.  Unfortunately, he had a vasectomy in the past and then had it reversed, and it's affecting his sperm quality.  So not sure what route the doc will have us take.....maybe IVF, not sure yet.  Wish us luck!!
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hi i have 2 uterus, 2 cervix, endometreosis, bicournate uterus and pelvic congestion syndrome just come off injections gonna try for a baby whats my chances?
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I'm 33 years old and I have PCOS, uterine didelphys, and 1 kidney. I am currently pregnant at 7 weeks with twins. 1 in each uterus. This is my first pregnancy. We used ovulation induction meds since I have PCOS. Anyone out there with success stories, complications, experiences to share with me? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thank goodness for these forums. I have learnt a lot more on here than on medical sights! I thought I would share my story with you all. At 35, after finding out my husband had a very low sperm count after TTC for about 8 months  we were told that it would be very unlikely we would have a baby naturely. I concieved that weekend!
The pregnancy was fine although, I did fine out that I had colestasis at the end of the pregnancy which I had blood tests for and got the positive results after my son was born!He was born at 36 weeks, I was still at work and we thought he was prem' due to the colestasis.
Our son is now two and a half and after one year of TTC again we decided to go down the IVF route. I had one cycle of IVF unsuccessfully but during the routine scans they found a large cyst and when we had the follow up apt with the dr when it failed, he  said that I need to have a laporscopy to have checked out this large solid cyst which he was clearly concerned about, before we tried more cycles of IVF
The cyst turned out last week to be another uterus which was a bit of a shock all round!
I have two uteruses with one fallopian tube into each and one cervix.
We now feel maybe we should not have any more Cycles of IVF as it would be such a high risk pregnancy if it was successful, I feel sad but also very confused as to whether to carry on or not.
I am now 38 and think that we are very very lucky to have a beautiful healthy little boy who arrived healthy and cheeky, at 6lbs 1oz and we were oblivous to the risks at the time.
I want to first ask advice to you fellow limited editions as to whether you think we should call it a day and secondly to give hope to thoses of you who are TTC that there are plenty of success stories on here and to wish you lots and lots of luck and strength xxx
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I am so happy I found this forum. I have two cervixes and two uteruses as well. My doctor told me this only affects 1% of the population, but seeing this site makes me think it's more common.
I am pregnant, but my husband and I are waiting to where the baby is developing. We shoud know this weekend. I wish for the best. Best wishes and prayers to all everyone. Thanks you for posting, I will have an update soon.
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I just found out I have 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes I'm going to have another pelvic exam next week to make sure I don't have a vaginal septum too. I also have 4 fibroids 3 on my right side which are going to be removed. I'm glad to see so many success stories I never even knew this was something that was possible not to mention seems more common than really thought.
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I have two uteruses, two cervixes, and one functioning kidney. I've had two children, so two separate pregnancies, one in each uterus. My son was first and it probably took us about 5-6 months to get pregnant with him. He was born 3 weeks early and came out breech. The labor and delivery went extremely fast. He was born healthy. My daughter was in my other uterus and was born 6 days early. I think it took us about 2-3 months to get pregnant with her. She wasn't breech and I also had a normal birth with her. However, she also came extremely fast. The nurses delivered her, as the Dr. wasn't there yet. She was also born healthy. The best advice I can give to a pregnant woman who has two uteruses is to not worry too much. Everything will go fine, and just be aware of the preterm labor warning signs, as people with two uteruses are at a higher risk for having preterm babies, but it doesn't mean you will have a preterm baby. Good luck to all of you pregnant women out there with 2 uteruses!! Everything will go great!!
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HI, i'm 19 i just found out i have two uterus. I was sort of scared that it would be easier to get pregnant with them since i don't plan on having kids for a while. Will it show when i am pregnant? Will it carry more on the left or right? Or does it look like a normal pregnancy? This is all so new to me! lol
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i was diagnosed with uterine didelphys 4 years ago, after i had a miscarriage. i have 2 complete seperate uteruses and a follopian tube and ovary on both and 1 cervix.i have been trying to conceive since then. i am 21 now and would love a baby and it is so comforting to know that there is someone out there like my. are there any tips one falling pregnet.
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I went to see your case on the internet and I have posted the result of your question.. Well it seems that a lady who had the same case had twin girls.. So there's your answer.. Here you can read about it here http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=woman-two-uteruses-twin-babies I hope it gives you hope and answers your prayers :o) Best of luck!
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iam 28 years old,2 uteures,one cervix and one kidney
when i was in highschool i know my stiuation but ihad in  this time big zack in the left side who is septum get the period stuck back of it i make a big sergury to try  to  open it  to  remove  to old blood becauze  the  zack  is  rally  big  no  body  can  see  where is  the  uteures  or the  servix and when  we  done  the  miracle  sergery  doctor  give  me  a  bad  new  that  the  left  uteures  cant  carry  baby  coz  the  old  blood  get  it  expierd  and  the  tupe  with  this  uteres  is  twisted so   the  only  way  to pregnant  is  the  right  side and  right  tube
when i  get  marriege  from 2  years  we  try two  iui  not  work because  my  hermons  not  balance,,and  we  try  sooo  hard  to  get  my  eggs  groin  up
we  begin  ivf and  i  frozein  15 eggs
and  but  a  frsh  one  i make  a  test  and  its  get  possitive we  was soooo  happy
but  in  5 weeks  and  have i  bleeding  alot i  go  to  emergency he  found  the zacks of babies (  was  twins )is  fine  and  the  blleding  in  the  left  side we  go  home in  two  days i found  i  big  pieces  i  go  to  make  ultrasound  we  misscarriege  the  babies :(
we  try  next  months  agein  we  transfer  two frozen and  i  was  pregnant
yestarday it have  to  be 5  weeks  and  half i  bleeding agein  big  pieces in  the  same  time.i make  ultrasound  dr  said  he see  the  lines  but  no  zacks the  bleeding  stop hcg is 3345
my doctor  told  me my  uteures cant  carry  babies  we  are  so  sad
if any body have  any  experiense help  me  plz
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Hello. I am 31 and was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus and one kidney 4 years ago.  I was told that when I was ready to conceive I should not have any trouble.  I beging trying a 14 moths ago and still nothing.  In May, my GYN had me go for an HSG wich only showed one open fallopian tube on my left side.  The recomenndation was to follow up with an MRI.  I went for the MRI and my GYN also sent me to a fertility specialist.  The MRI and specialist confirmed that I had 2 unicornuate uteri and one cervicx.  My right uterus is fully developed and connected to a fallopian tube and an ovar, however, not connected to my cervix.
Now, I am schedule to have my "tubes tied" on the right to prevent a prgnancy on the right side.  I had 3 seperate consults before I agreed to this surgery (scheduled for Aug 30).  Every reproductive endo said that I may ovualte faster from my right and that's wht I have not had a successful pregnancy.  I am suoer nervous but am ready to do what I have to do to have a healthy pregnanyc and hopefully a natural one.  The good news is the my day 3 FSH was a 4 wich is great news for me.

I wish everyone well and hopefully we all get what we want.  What I can suggest is have your GYN or primary doctor  order an HSG and/or an MRI to get a clear picture of your anomoly.  I was misdiagnosed twice before they doiscovered it was 2 seperate and not a bicornuate.

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Well I am 26 years old and found out 11 years ago that I have UD. Two uteruses and two cervixes. I had a vaginal septum but had it removed. I am happy to report that I am 32 weeks pregnant!! I am pregnant in my right uterus which is the smaller of the two. But the baby seems to have pushed the other one out of her way haha. I stopped taking birth control in November 2009 and found out I was pregnant at the beginning of Feb 2010. I was always told that it would be hard to conceive and I'd probably have to take fertility drugs. But, it happened without any help at all. I was SHOCKED. So far the pregnancy has been perfectly fine. I've had to have an ultrasound every month to check the baby and my cervix, but everything has been fine. The doctor's have said that I am running out of room fast, so the chances of me going full term are SLIM. Also the baby is breech so I will probably have to have a c-section if she does not flip over. I will keep everyone updated with what happens, but happy to say so far so good!!!
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I am 31 years old with two completely separate uteri, two cervix, and a partial vaginal septum.  I became pregnant with my 1st child after 7 months of trying to conceive on my left side.  He was delivered at 39 weeks for a scheduled c section due to being breech.  I am 5' 3" and petite, but he was a good 7 lb 6 oz.  I recovered well and breastfed easily for over a year.  When pregnant though, my belly was a little lopsided to the left side!  I became pregnant with my second son about 13 months after delivering my first child after using no birth control besides breastfeeding, and almost a week after starting cows milk I got pregnant on my right side.  Again my belly was lopsided to the right.  This pregnancy was very healthy, although this child was smaller.  My water broke at 35 weeks and he was delivered c section again due to being breech.  He was 5 lbs 6 oz.  I think when the uteruses were stretched in the last trimesters they must have been an abnormal shape and the babies could not turn.  Believe me they tried!  My dr thought the biggest risk factors were an incompetent cervix which was carefully monitored, and with my little guy as he was not gaining weight they would monitor the blood flow in unbilical cord which was fine too.  (My Dr. correctly thought that he was just destined to be a smaller person genetically as I'm short & my husband is only 5' 10)  I was under the care of a super perinatologist,  use your intuition when choosing Drs, as you are in for a long relationship!  I was certainly blessed having thought that due to my anomaly motherhood may have been impossible for me.  I wish you all the best.
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It feels fantastic to find all these stories,and has left me smilling!..I just visited my doctor a few days ago for something I thought didnt feel right. when she examined me, she told me she suspect i have two cervixes,and two uteruses!?????But can only confirm when an ultra sound is done, which I have to go for soon.
The bottom line is,I am desperate for a baby!,Now am afraid, embarrassed to tell my boyfriend, what the out come would be..
Incase he doesnt understand..then he leaves me....if theres any hope of conceiving, its  should be with him.
My head has been congested, I ve been stressed,that i ended up being horrible to my boyfriend,..who happens to be the only friend I have. It has left us not talking since. Reading your stories has been like talking to someone who empathises. I need your support, especially with conceiving.xx
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Hi everyone,

I am 24 years old and 6 months ago had out patient surgery to remove a vaginal septum. After surgery I was told that I had two cervixes and two uterus.  This was crazy to me and not something I was aware could happen! I have always experienced pain during intercourse and thought after surgery and removing the sepum that things would get better. Unfortunately, this has not helped.  My gyno said that everything looks right and my scars from surgery healed great.  He says I probably just have vaginismus.  Has anyone experienced a similar issue.  I feel bad for my poor boyfriend who is very understanding but it just stinks!  ALSO, after reading many comments it appears that a lot of you that have 2 ut and 2 cer. also have only 1 kidney.  My doctor said after surgery that I should get my kidneys checked.  Where do I go for this?  Thanks for all the info!
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Hi!  My name is Karen and I have 2 uterus.  I am on my third & final pregnancy.  I am due in 9 days =)  I only have one set of ovaries so I can only be pregnant one uterus at a time.  My first daughter, who is 9 now, was conceived in the right uterus.  I carried her all the way until they induced me 2 days before my due date.  She was 8lbs. 3oz.  My second daughter, who is about to turn 7, was conceived in my left uterus which is the smaller one.  I had her 11 days early and she was 7lbs. 5 oz.  This last baby, which was a total surprise, is in the right uterus.  I have been blessed with three wonderful & safe pregnancies.  I do not know the sex of this baby, but we are anxiously awaiting his/her arrival!!  I've never known anyone who has had the same situation.  It's been very interesting reading all your stories!  BTW...With the two girls we planned...I had absolutely no problems conceiving!
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I have two uteruses and 2 cervix.  Unfortunately the uterus that is larger has a large fibroid in it.  The doctors feel that removing the fibroid will not matter since it does not take away from the fact that I still have the uterine anomolies that I have.  They are concerned with me being such a high risk pregnancy if I were to conceive on our own and that I would lose the baby at 5, 6 or even 7 months along.  This thought terrifies me and makes us not want to take the chance and try.   We would be crushed if we lost a baby that late into the pregnancy.

I am scared to death and want a baby more than anything and to give that to my husband.  The doctors keep mentioning Surrogacy which we are open to, but also said it's up to us if we want to try on our own first and see what happens.

Have any of you had a fibroid to deal with on top of all of the other issues??? Any stories you can share or advice would be great.  I am overwhelmed with decisions and information from my appointments.  I have been seeing specialist since I was 16 and am 36 now and it's now time to make decisions and move forward. I am terrified.

Is there hope???

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I have two uteruses, two cervixes and one Kidney (left side) - The Dr's advised me this is how I was born and it is common for people who have Uterus didelphys.  I found out when I was 15, I am now 25, it was all very scary to start off with because my Dr at the time had not seen anything like it.  My new Gyno has seen several cases which made me feel better and after researching and reading all these posts makes me feel so much better. I hope to have children naturally in the next 4 years! I hope I am successful like many of the above stories.

Thanks to everyone for sharing! Its great to know your not alone.......
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I have a septum (that was never surgically removed or altered) 2 uteri, 2 cervix, 2 vaginal openings, and 2 kidneys. I was on birthcontrol for about 14 years and got pregnant only a year after I stopped taking it. I am currently 33 wks and 2 days prego with our first baby boy. Since women with this anomoly are considered "hish risk" for preterm labor due to the smaller size of the uteri and the baby running out of room I have to see a specialist on a by- weekly basis to ensure that everthing progresses properly. I am happy to report that my pregnancy is considered completely normal other than the obvious. In fact, we are both doing so well that at 28 wks prego the doctors decided that there was no need to see me again until 33 wks gestation. It appears at this point that I will carry at least very close to my due date and will be able to have a vaginal birth since baby boy is already in the head down position and hasn't prematurely run out of space yet. So, in my case I didn't not have to have any surgical removal of my septum, no problems concieving, and so far no pregnancy complications. All women are different but there are many success stories related to the condition. I will post and update after delievery about my situation as it unfolds. But as far as being concerned about risks.... the main concerns with this condition is pre-term labor and the strong possibilty of having a c-section since baby has less room to turn head down. Other than that, you have just as much chance to have a safe and healthy pregnancy/birth as anyone else. I am so glad to hear that so many of you have had successful births. I was nervous about being able to concieve and premature labor and first but finally decided that worrying just made matters so much worse and more difficult. So, to all those struggling to conceive or worrying about carrying full term...just breathe, relax, and take it easy and I wish you all the very best!!! Even though we are different, we can have normal pregnancies just like everyone else!!!
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When I was 16 I was told I would never have children because I had a membrane sticking down in my uterus and my uterus was very under developed. I was put on birth control pills because my periods were extremely painful and made me sick and bedridden for days. When I was 24 I had to have surgery and during that surgery my doctors found out that I have a double uterus. After I recovered from surgery I had an inter pelvic examine and they found I have a double cervix and double vigina. At 28 years old my husband and I were ready to have children so I stopped taking birth control. My first period after going off birth control was so painful I went to the doctor and they told me that I had endometriosis and I would probably never had children. But I tried anyway. I had to have surgery to "burn" the endometriosis and was put into a medical enduced menopause (only suppose to last a year) to kill off the endometriosis that could not be burned off. It was a horrible emotional rollercoaster! After a year and a half I went to another doctor because I was not having any periods and was not happy with the doctor that was treating me. With the new doctor I was put on fertility medicine (I can't remember the name of it). I also had to do ovulating tests at home and I found out, after my periods returned, that I don't ovulate. My doctor sent me to a fertility doctor, after having another surgery to burn off the endometriosis and then having a lot of shots in my legs and butt and 2 rounds of artifical insemination in both uterus (my husband also had a low sperm count which didn't help my issues) we conceived triplets in one uterus. When the fertility doctors found out there were three babies they told us we should concider reduction because I only had half a uterus fo three babies. We went to a high risk doctor who said we should just let the preganancy go as is because no one that they knew off had ever had 3 babies in half a uterus (it made me feel like a lab experiment!!) so we went to another doctor who said that he couldn't tell us what to do and couldn't give us any ideas of what to expect because he also didn't know of a case like ours. We ended us doing a reduction to save two babies. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I still think about that baby every day. My twins were born at 33.5 weeks (because I had toxicimia) and they spent 26 days in the NICU. They are 10 years old now and you wouldn't ever be able to tell they were preemies. I ofter wonder what would have happened if we had tried to carry three babies. Would any of them survived because I would have had to give birth even earlier? If they did, would there be birth defects of mental/health probIems with all three kids? It is something that I will have in my mind for the rest of my life but I am so greatful for the kids I have now. To everyone going through this horrible ordeal, my heart goes out to you. Good luck and I hope you find all the answers to your questions and you are granted the wonderful world of motherhood.  
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I am 36yrs old now, been trying since 33yrs, i have been pregnant three times since 2009. 1st one i had my water break at 4mths Aug.09 and they did a D&E, 2nd I delivered baby at 5th mths because she didnt develop any kidney's or bladder in jun2010 (atleast i got to hold her), 3rd at 2 mths went in for check up no HB so had D&C in nov.2010. first two pregnancies where with infertility drug called Femara (two rounds of clomid didnt work at first).I also have PCOS. Last one was spontaneous.  Now i have a new insurance carrier i have had to go thru testing again, so just had that HSG test and they said right tube was blocked, which i knew from previous testing 4years ago, but hears the shocker, a Dr. called today and said that they seen somthing else. instead of seeing one round image for the uterus, they seen two halves.  Now how in the HELL didnt any Dr. before now see this. I've had D&E and D&C, Multiple sono"s thru-out my lifetime, you think someone would've said hey you got 2 uteruses!
What do you think about that?
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i have a bicorniate uterus i was told i could never have children and if i did ever manage to conceive my wombs a funny shape and could not carry them full term- 1st child was born on due date 2nd child was 1 day late and i know they were both laying in my left womb which is the smallest womb -when baby grows the womb grows 2. i have recently had miscarriage aswel but unsure which womb is as was early.
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I have two uteruses  and two cervixes. and recently found out I'm pregnant. about 4 weeks.  I also have four spleens, a malrotated bowel, heart defects and some other abnormalities.  I found all this out about six years ago.  my gyno told me having a baby would be very difficult. this will be my first as long as all goes well.    
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wow i am so glad i found this site I didn't know there were so many women out there like me.... I got pregnant when i was really young and I had a little girl who is 9 years old now i carried her to full term and she was healthy... When i turned 17 i decided i was ready to have another child i tried for 6 months and then finally got pregnant and i carried my son until i was 4 1/2 months then went into early labor and he didnt make it was so hard for me....  the doctors in cali could not figure out y  my son didnt make it... I also had a period every month with him except i missed my first period..  when I was 20 i decided to move to louisiana not knowing that i was pregnant again then i found out when i was 1 month and then one day i started bleeding so after loosing my son it worried me alot so i went to the hospital i didnt have a dr here yet... Come to find out that i was pregnant with twins and that i have 2 uterus and i had a baby in each one and one baby was 2 weeks older than the other one.. well i ended up misscarring my twins and i have not gotten pregnant since although i have been trying but have so many more questions and much to still learn about my body after reading some of your storys now i know i need to get an HSG done so im going to look into that asap and c how my body is and if im able to have moe kids I need answers??
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I have two uteri and one cervix. Im pregnant on my left side, im not sure if i can get pregnant on the right side..but I'm 17 (18 on Nov. 21) and I always knew something was different down there. Lol. I had a medium - thick piece of skin the was about an inch inside my vagina, I just thought it was the hym that you have when youre a virgin. But then after I had sex for the first time it was still there and every once in awhile dring sex it would get hit from penetration and it would hurt REALLY bad. I didn't know I had two uteruses until I found out I was pregnant.. I mentioned to my Dr. about the skin strip in my vagina he checked it out and did an ultra sound then gave me the news. Haha. But also I have a short cervix and curved shaped uterus that he baby is in. They told me I should be in bed rest because I am at high risk of premature labor. I'm due dec. 17th and I had a labor scare today actually. Luckily nothing happened, but it's still very scary.
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I was at the ER yesterday for irregular vaginal bleeding for 2mos and a wk. The first time I had this was in 2001, then 2006, then 2008 and now it's 2011. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7yrs and been trying to conceive. Instead of conceiving we face these menses problems over and over again. Dr. had ordered an ultrasound and there was the first time in my life I ever heard of 2 vaginas, 2 uteri, 2 crevices! I almost pass out shock I was scared thinking "why me? Am I the only person with these abnormalities?" I was too weak, nauseated and dizzy to ask what is going on exactly but I was given birth control pills and was sent home. I feel very helpless, And I found these posted comments which makes me feel a little better after being very sarcastic this morning about my health.
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I am glad to have this forum discovered. Have read all the posts so far and it seems there are a lot more positive outcomes with double uterus', although a few comments about miscarriages around 10-15 weeks make me uneasy. I am 29 and this is my 1st pregnancy, tried to conceive for more than 2 years, then stopped, went on to the pill again for a couple of months and then 2 months after I stopped taking the pill I got pregnant, this was a total surprise as we were not trying as I was on a medication... I am 8 weeks now, just last week went for an ultrasound and there was heart beat!!!!  Everything looks normal, pregnancy is in the right horn at the top where it should be as they say. I learnt about my abnormality when I was 17  and tried to have sex for the first time, and couldn't  really do it. Went to the gyno, and then I found out I had a thick septum running along the entire length of my vagina, and ultrasound confirmed I had a double uterus. The doctors couldn't quite confirm whether I have 1 or 2 cercices only recently it has been finally confirmed I have 2.... My boyfriend was very understanding and patient, and later on the septum had stretched and I was able to have intercourse, although always with some discomfort at the beginning... For some reason the surgery was not suggested until I went to live in another country - NZ, where I have now lived happily for 7 years. The septum has been surgically removed 8 months ago and made my sex life a lot more enjoyable hence I think it also helped to get pregnant. Except for feeling sick with morning sickness and fatigue everything seems to be ok so far, I have been referred to the specialists to monitor my pregnancy and am just waiting for the 1st visit, really hope everything will be ok, it's a miracle, also my due date is on my 30th birthday, so I really hope to have a healthy baby then it would be the best birthday present!!!!
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I have double uterus and i was wondering if i can be pregnant in one uterus  ( i had  hcg test - positive) and still  have my period from the other uterus?? did any of you ladies had your period while pregnant in one uterus and the second uterus bleeded???

is it possible?/

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I have UD and have had two successful pregnancies though both my children were born early at 34 and 35 weeks. They have not been impacted by this long term and were caught up by 6 months. Now pregnant with baby number 3. My advice to any newly pregnant ladies with this condition is not to worry too much. For me, the first two pregnancy were pretty smooth until 30 weeks and after that things got a little more challenging--bed rest, etc. Also if you are planning to have more than one do your body a favour and ensure you wait 18 months between pregnancies. This will help decrease your risk of prematurity.
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My wife has a UD and we have been trying to concieve. We are thinking of going for IUF. Did it work for you? Please let me know.

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I have UD with one cervix and have endometriosis.  I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and have had NO complications at all.  I guess my concern at this point is baby running out of room before my scheduled c-section. I always wonder if my uterus is smaller since there are 2 of them.  

I was always pessimistic about getting pregnant - i've had so many issues and this is truly a blessing!  so yes, it can happen!!!! i wish all of you the best of luck!
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I was diagnosed with UD over two yars ago. I found out when I became pregnant with my son. My OBGYN told me I should get my kidneys checked. My eamily doctor said that since I have never had issue I should be fine. I have lots of questions about UD. I have 1 vagina, 2 uterus (heart shaped 2 horns,and 1 cervix (what they could tell). We have been trying for 7 months mow for another and have not had any luck. I was also wondering if it was possible to be preg in one uterus and a period in the other? Can someone help answer my questions. I do not think my doctors have seen this issue very often if at all.
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I will share a piece of information with you. I am 40 years old. I began to realize something was not "right" with me down below at the age of 14 because I would try to use a tampon and would still "leak" and after exploring myself by the time I reached the age of 16 I approached my mother and told her I think I have two holes down there. She looked at me strange and replied there's no such thing. When I was 18 I went to a gyno/obstetric doc because I had been sexually active since age 14 and never conceived and my husband & I were getting worried, so the doctor confirmed my worst fears...I had Uterine Didylphis with two cervix accompanied with a septum, thus creating two vaginas and that he said I would never be able to get pregnant, I left the office, stunned, drove two miles in the rain and had to pull the car over to ball & cry and then tell my husband what was wrong. Three years later, I found myself divorced and with someone else, I got pregnant in the right side, I was high risk, I tried to miscarry at 7 weeks, began dilating at 6 months, but was able to stop contractions with the aid of medication taken every four hours, gave birth by c-section 4 days before my actual due date to a healthy 7lb 6oz 20inch long baby girl, who is now 18 herself. When I was 30yrs old, my family doc sent me in for an ultrasound on my kidney's after I told him of my female reproductive condition because he said, AND HERE'S the answer to your main question, that during conception when the reproductive organs are being formed, that it is also the same tissue that forms the uterus that also forms the kidneys and that most all women who have UD will also have some form of kidney abnomaley also. I found that my left kidney is smaller than the average size kidney should be and that my right kidney is malformed with a nodule on it. So if you know someone else that ever has this condition you can pass this piece of info onto them. I'm sorry I was "long winded" with my story, but I thought It might help any other questions you may have had. ALSO one last thing, for the most part, women with UD usually don't get pregnant or find it extremely difficult to do so. IF anyone has this condition and has 1 child they are blessed. I never have ever had another pregnancy again. Just the one, and I thank God for her everyday. I hope I was of some help to you.  (p.s. yes, u can still have a period all through a pregnancy also unexplained spotting during a pregnancy, and when not pregnant ur cycles can coincide together or at different times which really ***** if that happens. If u have anymore questions u could think of u can fb me via ***@****
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i do. me and my husband been together for going on 7 years n been trying since we pretty much got together. we fell in love so fast n just wanted kids of our own. still have not got pregnant! :( i was referred to a OBGYN specialist but i have to pay $150 up front to just do blood work and what not to see if i can even concieve at all.. so this is something i am going to look into cause we r foster parents n would really love to have OUR OWN kids! soon! i wish u the best and i wish u luck as well!
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Hi I also have 2 uterus ex and one kidney...I was told it goes together..sort of a birth defect.  I have 3 girls ages 6,7 and 16 so proof u CAN have kids!
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Hi, I have 2 uteruses and 1 cervix only. I was told by doc I was not pregnant and that I cannot conceive basically. A week later my brother got me several kits to encourage me (randomly). And to our surprise, all 5 kits showed positive and 3-5 weeks pregnant.

Now my gynae thinks I have 1-2 babies in me.
I know this is greedy but I'm worried I can't conceive again after this. So how high are my chances of twins?
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Don't worry, I had exactly the same thing. However, I did have the vaginal septum removed. You can have children. I did, and they told me I would never be able to have any. I had a c-section and gave birth to a very healthy 5lb. 15oz. baby girl in July of 1997.
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Hello Ladies,

I have also 2 Uterus and 1 cervix and 1 kidney, me and my husband trying from last 3 months but i am not get pregnant. can any body suggest me the intercourse style(Position) which will help us to get me pregnant.

and also suggest me the diet and i have found while i am searching that Folic Acid tab will be helpfull. Please help me.
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I have just found out I have 2 Wombs I am so confused.
Will I have problems conceiving?
Will I be able to have a natural delivery?
If I ever fall pregnant is there chances I could lose the baby?

Any information would be good.

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Hello! I just found out I may have 2 cervixes, I have an appointment to get an ultrasound soon and find out for sure then. But I also have 1 kidney! pretty wierd
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This has been very interesting reading for me. I was diagnosed with UD when I was 12 (now 19) and had a laperoscapy when I was 13. Until now I have never really looked into it or wondered what this could cause me in the future if I try to concieve! I also only have my right kidney which is apparently bigger than a normal one. Glad I found the page as I'm not nearly as worried knowing there are plenty of others out there! Good luck to all of you currently trying or experiencing any problems with it
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I don't know if you log on here any more, but they have never diagnosed me with it, but I have all but the A in VATER. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant in my left uteri. I see a High Risk doctor because of some of my side complications and was just released from hospital watch to be on bed rest until my little guy comes, but so far so good!
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I have 2 uterus and I have a healthy 15 month old baby girl. The only thing that I had to worry about was bed rest and at my last trimester I was extreme bed rest other than that everything went good. O I did have 5 weeks early but she was as healthy as a full term baby. She broke my water and then my body wouldn't have contractions by itself so I had to have a c section. Everything went well and as of right now we are both very healthy
Did you keep getting negative pregnancy tests at all??
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I'm 30 years old.  I have 2 uterus, 2 cervices and a vaginal septum.  Intercourse is painful for me.  Reading the success stories here gives me a glimmer of hope because my husband and I have been trying off and on for 6 years.  I have one primary period per month but occasionally have a light secondary period from the other side.  I am going to my OBGYN for my annual in a couple of weeks and am having blood work done to make sure that I either am or am not pregnant.  I've had symptoms of pregnancy including phases of nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, breast tenderness, mild cramping and aching in my pelvic and hip bones that lasted for about a week. But I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative (so I'm a pretty upset).  If I were pregnant, I would be about 4 weeks.   Does anyone know if you are more likely to read a false negative on a pregnancy test when you have UD? Does anyone have any advice for helping things along with conceiving?
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Hi, I know this is years later and you probably do not even log on this site anymore, but  I just found out i am pregnant and I am 8 weeks. Everythings good so far but I have the same situation as you. but caring the baby on the right. And even though you had her early was she still healthy, was everything okay? sorry! first time mom and just so scared and never knew I had this condition until I got pregnant.
Hi can I ask how you got on? I know this forum seems to now be inactive so apologies in advance.
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I have 2 very healthy babies and I have a uterine didelphys. The only issue I had was not being able to birth naturally. Both were born via cesarean sections.
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Hi Jennifer, please did you take Clomid or do you know anyone with double uterus who a fertility doctor asked to take Clomid? I have double uterus and I've been trying to get pregnant for one year. I consulted a fertility doctor who prescribed Clomid because he said I'm having ovulation issues. I'm scared to take Clomid because he has never prescribed it to a woman with double uterus, in fact, he has never met a woman with double uterus.
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