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ttc need your opinion!

okay so here's the deal, bear with me please!

I stopped taking my birth control about 5 days after I started the pack (Oct 6-11) and I got withdrawal bleeding from Oct 17-20. I'm TTC and have had unprotected sex nearly every other day, if not everyday this cycle and I used an OPK on Oct 22 and 23 with negative results. I know it is pretty early to test for O (always had regular 28 day cycles) but I was wondering when you think I should ovulate and if I can't pinpoint ovulation, do you think having sex every other day should work regardless?

My boyfriend and I are both 21 year olds with no known fertility issues, and I've never been pregnant before. only been on birth control for about 2-3 months prior to stopping

Also, I had my period Oct 1-5 and then started the pill on the 6th so if I hadn't taken those BC I should've ovulated around the 14th but I've heard that I should count my first day of withdrawal bleeding as CD 1. Any success stories of getting pregnant 2-3 weeks after stopping birth control? any advice/stories would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you!
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Hello there,
It is recommended to have at least one normal period prior to conceiving in order to estimate your ovulation cycle after cessation of birth control pills. After stopping pills a short delay may occur before ovulation resumes. Depending on the type of birth control pill you are on, your ovulation cycle may resume quickly or delay for some time .It is possible for your period to be delayed after stopping the pill, which may impact your ovulation and ability to conceive. I recommend talking with your doctor and getting some routine blood work and other tests done if you do not conceive in next few months. Do write to us again with more queries.
Best luck and regards!
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