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Is there a test for fibro ?

On a visit to my doctor I described aches and pains, such as certain area's that hurt a lot if I am touched there. My ribs, my shoulder blades. The slightest touch can hurt tremendously, as if a nail has been poked through the bone !  I have phantom pains in my left hip as well. No idea from what,and it comes & goes.  

He said "You have fibromyalgia" and gave me Tramadol  for the pain of that as well as my degeneration of my lower lumbar.  

Question is.....................is that all there is to diagnosing ?
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Any rheumatologist I have seen four years now in my life (I'm 50) has always tested me for Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) which involves Xrays and blood work. In fact the first time I saw a rheumatologist I was diagnosed with probable Ankylosing Spondylitis, then a few years later undiagnosised, then in 2007 the rheumatolgist insisted on testing me again for AS but then said in his report I didn't have it and that the pain I was experiencing was the type found in Fibromyalgia. That happened in the UK.

Back in Canada my local GP refused to recognise that I had the condition. I asked for a referral, he said sure, but didn't. I had to wait until his locum came and he referred  me. He said my GP wrote in the notes that he was only going to refer me if the 'pain' continued. As if pain for my most of my life wasn't sufficient. The doctor who did refer me said fibromyalgia didn't exist and anyways, it was called something else and the only 'cure' was excercise. Hmmm so if it isn't real then why is there another name?

Anyways, saw the latest Rheumatolgist who apparently is the best in Canada. He instantly told me I was not a Spondyltis but sent me for tests anyways. He said FMS was real I had it and that napping was my enemy and NOT to nap, because it messes with some cycle to do with sleep. Not to take caffeine after 12 noon. He is having my GP prescribe me an antidepressant that is being used for pain in FMS and for diabetics foot pain.  He said that getting rid of the pain is unrealistic, but having the diagnosis is.

Personally there is no pain medication that has ever worked for me including Codeine which has worked for other pain, like broken arm or headache. However I did take Paxil back in the 90s for something else and I noticed my FMS pain went away. However though people suspected I had FMS eg: physiotherapist, etc., there was no doctor that even believed it existed.

As mentioned pressure points seems to be the discerning factor in getting a diagnosis and history.

Best of luck. Also in my personal experience, if the med works, you don't have FMS. Also in the UK the doctor said conventional pain meds don't work because the condition is possibly neurological.

I hope my experience has been helpful.

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Hi Babes
There are what is called TRIGGER POINTS, There are alot of them all over your body in different place. They say you have to have 18 different trigger point, this might be incorrect with the numbers of Trigger points, but in these points you have to be rather sensitive, if you are sensitive on these point, then yes you have Fibromyalgia. You will unfortunately have to learn about Fibromyalgia because it is not a known condition, meaning, your doctor might not be fully aware of the ins and outs of this condition unfortunately. You will no doubt have to have medication for this condition of which Tramadol will probably not help . I Myself suffer from Fibromyalgia, unfortunately ive had to learn about this condition myself.
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If you ever have been given an antibiotic called Levaquin or cipro you may want to research  
I suffer from chronic pain and ruptures due to Levaquin. I too was diagnosed with FM to fm is nothing more than the doctors don't know
check it out think of drugs prescribed to you before your symptoms began and research side effects
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First off I would like to congratulate you on getting a diagnosis! I have been trying to get a diagnosis from my docs for years now and I think I have one and I am not even sure.  He didn't come right out and say I have Fibro, I had to look at the diagnosis codes on my doctors office check out sheet!  So, you have in my experience, the hardest part behind you ;-)  I know very few people that Tramadol works for, so I hope it does work for you.  Please study up on the computer, all the info out there will probably be your biggest asset as you venture forth.  Best wishes to you, I have chronic pain daily and I have to go to work, I have thought about disability because of the chronic pain, but I just got the diagnosis, like I said, I think....and I have to see what I would have to do...
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Hiii Marji,
How is the present condition?
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Hey Girls

I was diagnosed with FM about 5 years ago.   I agree with Jax being educated about the condition is really important.    For me it  has been long journey with my doc's.  Mostly trial and error with pain meds and some of the new "preventative" meds that are out.  I tried Tramadol didn't help me, nor did  any of the meds like Lyrica.  What I have learned is to take care of myself when I am hurting.  I don't try to "push-through" the pain and I don't feel guilty about taking the time because I'm in pain or for taking pain meds when I need them.  My 2 cents is educate yourself and and be gentle with yourself.

Hope your feel better soon

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