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It all started last year right before I got married, I was under a lot of stress,I felt like I'm coming down with flu and behind my right thigh started itching after a day or so little red bumps showed up became blisters it took about a week and went away ,6 months later same spot same rash went to doctor told me herpes but I never had sores never had herpes .I'm getting the same sores same spot almost every month,the color of the infected area is purple,have headaches ,always tired,gained weight ,bloated...what is wrong I don't feel right
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Hi mooshca and welcome to the forum

Yes it could be the herpes virus, for which there's no cure, stays latent in the body and at times of stress or lowered immunity it gets activated (recurrence) from time to time because of that.
The best thing to do is to work on strengthening the immune system and to reduce or eliminate stress. (Antiviral drugs do not cure this virus but may help some to alleviate symptoms.)
If you need some holistic suggestions, let me know.

Bloating and weight gain could be due to something else.
Try eliminating or reducing carbs for a couple weeks and see if there's any improvement.
Supplementing with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil might help as well because of its antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
2T daily to start and progress to 4T in 4 weeks.
Post again or message me for details.

This is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

best wishes!
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