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severe allergic hypersensitivity allergies. Allergic to everything I take Epi, Bruspoine. I have a problem with my voice box closing off due too allergies.
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Hey Brenda.
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry about your condition.
DHEA replacement therapy may benefit you. Check the following info:

For allergies and reactions to anything you ingest, you may want to try Dr. Cocoa's "Pulse Test". it's a free download. Takes a week to complete.
Hope this helps.
Take care.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

You could consult an allergy specialist for immunotherapy.  Allergy shots  or  immunotherapy are usually recommended if the allergen cannot be avoided and symptoms are hard to control. Regular injections of the allergen are usually given (with each dose slightly larger than the previous dose) until a maximum dose is reached. However, these do not work for everybody and require frequent follow-up to your attending physician. Indeed, they may require years of treatment, but they work in most cases. They can also cause uncomfortable side effects and possible dangerous outcomes , such as anaphylaxis. Talk to your doctor about this for proper evaluation.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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