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Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed in 2002, but truly believe I had this for many years prior.  I have been on
generic DARVON for 10 years for fibromyalgia flare ups which occur in sudden drops
of outdoor temperature, wind, cold, and stress.  

Is there any one out there who takes this for fibromyalgia and can control their fibro or
is there some other pain killer.  Tried Lyrica, I got very sick.  
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I am also suffering from fibro for the last 15 years. On Jan 2008 I started the medicine 5HTP 50 mg 1 tab perday and librocol occassionaly 1 at bed time. Continuing half an hour walking. Now I feel better.
Doctors saying fibo is not curable but controlable only.
Reason for this disease unknown. Chemincal inbalance in the brain, genetic reason, related to the central nervous system or due to anxiety.
Better, don't think about this disease widely, leave it. Be courageous.
Above all, pray to GOD.
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"Doctors saying fibo is not curable but controlable only."

Fortuantely that argument is debatable. ; ^ )  

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Please tell me about Pathogens as related to fibro.  Have had this miserable malady for about 15 years now.  Am taking several meds which help, but not enough in terms of the FATIGUE which is horrendous.  

Am open to hearing any and all suggestions re how to deal with or what may be cause of this condition.  

Life is too short to be so inactive . . .
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"Recent reports and publications indicate that in addition to mycoplasmal infections, CFS/ME and FMS patients have other chronic infections caused by other intracellular bacteria and viruses."

"Patients with CFS/ME and FMS can also have viral infections that complicate their conditions and cause morbidity. Such infections can occur with or without the bacterial infections described above. Viruses that have been associated with CFS/ME and FMS are Human Herpes Virus-6 (HHV-6) and Cytomeglovirus (CMV). These viruses have been found at high incidence in chronically ill patients, and especially those with CFS/ME. Patients with CFS/ME or FMS can have predominantly intracellular bacterial infections, predominantly viral infections, or a combination of intracellular bacterial and viral infections. This may be one reason why the underlying causes of these chronic illnesses are so difficult to determine and effectively treat. The other reason could be the persistent nature of the infections and their ability to hide inside cells where they are essentially refractory to immune system responses, their slow growing natures and their relative insensitivity to therapeutic drugs."

~Garth Nicholson, Ph.D.


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Physicians are now learning more about mycoplasmas and their role in autoimmune diseases, sarcoidosis, fibormyalgia & CFS. However, at the time...they didn't know how to kill the intracellular bacteria & viruses involved. Now they do and there are several options patients can choose. If you would like more information.. I can post it here (but I have to be careful with links) or visit my website address (listed in my profile).

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