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Anything on this medication and what is your thoughts on it?
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I recieved samples of this from my doctor 1 week of 30 mg and 1 week of 60 mg. I'm halfway through the second week and Cymbalta has not made any significant progress for me.
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This week I will be starting a double-blind study to see if 30 mg is effective for FMS pain.  I won't know for some time if I'm using the placebo or the actual Cymbalta.  I am sensitive to medications and I am a skeptic, since I've done badly on everything I've tried before.  I do more natural therapy than I do pharmaceutical.  I guess I will also find out if this stuff will help with the number of and intensity of the chronic migraines, too.  I doubt it, but I'll give it a try, since I haven't tried Cymbalta yet.
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Been on Cymbalta for two or three years.  Lost track.  Has done absolutely nothing for the fibro, just made me dependant on another medication- i.e. you can't go off it cold turkey as you get very, very sick.  I have been on 60mg and then the doc doubled the scrip about a yr ago to see if that would help.  Nothing.  I am also on Effexor, Topamax, Qualaquin, Oxyprozin, Cyclobenzaprine..... I am way over medicated and yet I have no relief of any of my symptoms.  It is ridiculous.  I have been to a few different doctors over the last several years, too.  I wish I could find one that could just make me better.  I hate my life the way it is now and I get so depressed thinking of the woman I once was.
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I have chronic back and leg pain due to scar tissue from disk surgery at L5-S1 I and been taking vicodin since 2000 and it helps a lot but I have been trying to find something else that will help that is non narcotic so I can get of the vics.

My Dr prescribed Cymbalta and I noticed a significant difference in just a few days, however it does have side effects and at least for me made having an orgasm  almost impossible or it took a long time to get there. My Dr just switched me to Elavil and I have been having a rough time adjusting to it and it is not helping as much for the pain but we’ll see in a week or two.

So you might see what your Dr thinks about a different AD, I wish you well, pain stinks.
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Oh I also meant to say something about acupuncture, I read you tried it. I first tried it on a cruise we were on, I was in bad pain due to the beds and could not sitor stand for more than 30 min at any one time. I had 6 sessions over 14 days and was pain free and pill free for three months. I have been to several others since then and have not gotten the same relief, but think it has a lot to do with who is doing it. I am planning a trip to see the same person that did it on the cruise she now has a land based practice but is on the west coast and I am in the mid west.
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Cymbalta made me sick and made me want to cut and kill myself.
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Wow, note to self.. do not try it! I am on Lyica now... no help.. its making me worse i think? I now feel dizzy, tired, and have vertigo? and blurred vision.....

I want to try an old fashioned PAIN MEDICINE, not this crazy science fiction lab rat medicine they are trying to pawn off on me. ugh
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Most SSRI, SNRI, etc, can't be taken with NSAIDS, or at least Drs won't let you know about the fact that there is a very good chance that they will increase the already strong chance of stomach bleeding that comes along without the use of the antidepressants. Look it up on any interactions checker. I also have osteoarthritis as well as fibro. My rheumy seems to be senile or something and keeps forgetting this. She's always prescribing this or that and neglects my arthritis.

Well anyhow, when I took Cymbalta it gave me the worst diarrhea I've ever had in my life!!!!! and I am sure it's because I was on Voltaren too. Now if I had to chose between Vicodin and Voltaren for the kind of pain I am in with my facet arthritis- hands down I would chose the Voltaren. And I am not going to take some "Crazy med" for pain that truly exists.

That's the last time I will let a doctor put my on psych pills. I spent a whole week on the toilet- no thank you. And when I told her about it, she said she'd never heard of it before. Yeah right. And she had her little med assistants calling Cymbalta pain pills. WT? Like I am an idiot or something- no hon, Vicodins are pain pills- Cymbalta pills are loony pills, and you are a weirdo. OK? Now we are straight.  
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