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Do weather changes hurt?

Do you find that changes in the temperature or weather make you more achy?  Do you experience a worsening of joint pain when storms arrive?

I've found that whenever our pressure experiences a great rise or fall, my joints ache more.  I am a better forecaster for rain than our local weatherman is.  I can feel a storm coming before it actually hits.  I don't know if it's because of having a plate in my leg or not, but it will begin to get so sore and my muscles will go haywire.  I've heard previously that those with metal will have these types of incidents.   Does the weather effect you?
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Oh yes, the colder weather hurts mne all over. We're having cooler weather right now and I'm in the middle of a horrible flare. I also noticed this Summer that the real hot and humid weather hurt me. I haven't been able to get my body regulated.

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I always said I was a walking barometer....I feel worse before the storm comes..2 days out...then when the storm arrives...the pressure is gone.....

my voice is a dead give away too.....during the presure time my voice is very raspy.

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I am also a walking barometer....  I too feel worse 2 days prior to the storm arriving and then when the storm arrives, the pressure is gone!


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LOL yes, my hubby and I can always tell when it is going to be cold, hot, snowy or rainy. Its an everyday thing in michigan:)
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Gosh, my fibro acts up the worst during weather changes or high levels of stress.
So in response, yes it does. My muscles become tender and it hurts to move, and sometimes I won't move.. I'll just lay there until the storm goes by.
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haha oh and the subject of storms.. there was this one time when I was dating this guy and he didn't believe me on the whole Fibro thing.. I told him a storm was coming because I was in a lot of pain.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the forecast was sunshine all week..
Needless to say, he didn't believe me.

we went to buy a movie in the next town on the day it came out and on our way back and the clouds started rolling in.. he said no big deal its still not raining.

within 15 minutes we were in flash flood and had to pull over because he couldn't see the road.

Haha he never doubted me again.
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This is a great subject, I'm in the longest flare I have ever had and its the first time I've noticed fluctuations in my pain level.  I pride myself as being very observant but I simply blocked out the notion of weather affecting how I feel.  I suppose I did not want it to be a control factor.

It has become blatantly obvious that the weather does affect how I feel.  

It makes me think of the old movies and sitcoms where the old farmers always said "Its gonna rain Ma, I can feel it in my bones".  Sometimes they would say bunyons or corns,lol.  For us its in our muscles and nerves.

Thanks for the thread VaBreeze
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hello , yep the weather plays a big part in fibro,when its hot you find a cool room and when it is cold your pain ravishes you , worst bit for me is i live in england and it is nearly allways cold wet and windy!!  .ooh went to cyprus and guess what my pains calmed down that much i could walk without my stick and even swam!! (swim) would love to have the money to move ha ha anyway good luck all with your pains xxx
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I've been wondering this for some time.   We all agree the weather affects our FM. For me when the weather is bad so am I.  My body reacts more to what I do physically in the Winter.
My question is - When I went to Japan for a week I felt great, physically and mentally. The weather there was not that good two of the days, yet I was only a bit tired.  I can't help wondering if the long sustained cabin pressure for 12 hours going there helped the FM or is Japan somewhere on the globe that has a different elevation, air pressure, magnetic pull?
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