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Has anyone taken Cymbalta  and had on going balance problems with the drug?
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Thanks for what you wrote I saw my Dr today and brought up what you wrote and he is ordering the tests you said.  I feel lucky that my Dr is open to things I bring up I told him about this site and how much it is helping me cope why we keep trying to find out what's going on with me. I have a lot of support from my children I have 3 and 5 grand kids ( they are the light in my life). Everyday   Thank you Diane
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Hi Diane.

Please look into underlying fundamental factors, such as low thyroid function which can cause vertigo and fibromyalgia symptoms.

Dr. Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant.

To rule this in or out you must forgo the standard serum thyroid testing (TSH, T3&T4) which only indicate... serum levels
and ask for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3  to test for accurate thyroid
cellular FUNCTION! These may not have an insurance code, so you may have to pay out of pocket, but it is vital to have this done properly.
It could potentially save you from many years of unnecessary suffering!

If you need more details let me know.


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