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I introduce myself as Surbhi Jain. I am 25 years old, female from Kolkata, India. By profession, I am a CA and working as a Direct Tax Consultant. I wake up at 7.00 am, then leave for office by 8.30 am and come back home by 8.30 pm. My work includes mostly sitting infront of desktop computer for around 7-8 hours per day except on Saturday and Sunday. I sleep at around 12.30 am. I do household work like cooking, cleaning etc on Saturday and Sunday.

Health Problem – I had this typical pain on the right side of neck-shoulder joint (on the back side) in the month of March, 2007. It was not much of a problem and little bit pain was there. I visited a doctor in April, 2007 and he gave me injection on the affected area. I was relieved of pain immediately but it came again after 1-2 months. But this time, I ignored it but it was not troubling me that much. Then I got married in the month of Feb, 2008. As an Indian Bride, I was also wearing lot of jewellery and that included “BANGLES” as well. Now something new started, the pain grew on me and entire right hand was in mess. Even a single bangle was like a mountain on my right hand. The pain started to affect my entire right body including my head, neck, leg, thigh, hip and hand as well. In the mean time, I consulted an Orthopedic who gave me 10 injections of Vitamin B and told me that I am suffering from “FIBROMYALGIA”. I took 20 sessions of physiotherapy which included IFT and US therapy. He asked me not to take too much stress, sleep properly and so on. There after I tried to follow what ever he said but pain was still there and was getting worst day by day. So I consulted one more doctor who initially told me after a MRI that it’s a slip disc and he suggested me few exercises. I did it for two months and again visited him, and then he told me that I am born with this kind of bone structure and that he cannot help me in anyway. He suggested that he can give me one injection which would numb (basically a state of no sense) the affected area for around a year. Then he suggested me to visit a healer. I visited her, and she suggested me that 5-10 sessions would be required to heal me completely. The procedure includes some needling, injections and some therapy using sophisticated machines/equipments. I am yet to take any sessions and totally confused. Pain is still the same and life is getting hell.

Please help me and guide me.
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Hi SurbJ

I think you need to read the health pages located at the right upper hand corner and familarize yourself with fibromyalgia. I 'm not sure the advice you got from your dr is correct. Here in the states fibromyalgia is treated with lyrica, cymbalta and a few other drugs that help with pain and help sleeping. In addition many of us take other pain meds. The care is supposed to be just for the person. What may work for me may not work for you. I think you need to see a rheumy dr. He treats people with pain in the joints and such. I also have a spine condition I've had since birth . I was told I would always have pain in my lower back. I went to a chriopractor. It helped for a while. I am now going for aqua therapy.(in the pool). I try to do some lite exercises. I really don't think the healer will help you. All the healer will do is take your money and the pain will still be there. I think you need to find the right dr and get some meds for pain. At least it will help and take away some of the discomfort your feeling.  Do what you can at home alittle a time. Perhaps cooking your meals ahead of time. Buying food out and maybe getting someone to help with the house work. Try to get up from your desk every so often even a different chair may help your back. Well I'm no doctor but I hope I was a little help to you. Take Care and feel better. Let us know what happens.
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