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Feeling Cold, Cold Spots.

Been feeling cold for about a year now. Have went from feeling cold to cold spots throughtout the body. Started with feet, hands, now everywhere.

All blood tests normal or neg...even lyme any suggestions?
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Hi Im new here and am in need of some advice. A few months ago i started experiancing cold spots on the top right side of my head. Ive noticed them spreading to both sides of my head and out on my face in areas like, the corner of my eyes, eye lids side of my face oncthe top of my lips. And now starting to feel them on my arms. Another symptoms my body achs like i ran a marathon. I should mention the spots are not painful and theycare vary tiny. Almost like someone took a pencil lead stuck it in ice and touched me with it. I started taking zoloft and gabapenton around the same time as these symptoms started happening. ANY advice is greatly apriative.
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My broncial pasages throat lungs chest esophagus are ice cold then I got acid indigetion bad!! Went to emergency they gave me a gi cocktail helped for 10 min then game back with a vengence! If u wear long jons or leggings under pants an always keep a scarf around your neck n skull cap n keep your feet warm if you live were it get cold like me or just in air conditioned places it'll help emesely! Always drink the amount of water you need for your weight post more later. Gospellover 3 have a nice day n don't forget 2 pray to JESUS!
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Been starting to get a cold like spot on my left leg alot in the last few days can anyone tell me what might be causing it?
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Go to docs
ask for referral to endrocrinologist

get your growth hormones checked-- through a stress test

if ok then

referral to neurologist
possible vascular condition


or cryglobulemia

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Its just another symptom of fibro,my feet and chest are affected the most,but i get a hot face the same time,sounds unbelieveable to most people.I was given a pair of battery operated heated socks!
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Have they tested you for diabetes?  That can cause circulation problems and make you hands and feet and other parts of your body feel cold.  But Fibro can also make it difficult to regulate your body temp.  I don't really get cold spots,  I get hot spots.  And sometimes I can be in a cold room and be burning up or vice versa.
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