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Fiber - Make IBS worse?

Okay, I bought some fiber one bars b/c I was trying to get my intake up. If I eat one single bar I'm in intense pain. At first I didn't know what was wrong but after being away for the weekend and feeling fine I returned to work today. I had the Fiber One bar for breakfast and within an hour I'm doubled over. I'm absolutely sure this bar is the problem. I eat a variety of bars on a regualr basis but most only have 2-3 grams of fiber. These bars have 9 grams

I left work to go to the drug store. I thought gas x may help but so far it's not helping. I had 2 bottles of water b/c I thought it would help but that didn't work either.

Any suggestions ??
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sorry to here your not doing to well with the fiber bars!!! if your tum isnt settling try using pepto bismal, this saved me after a stint in hostpital after my hols, i was in horific pain and no matter what the doctor or hospital prescribed this was the best thing for me and within hours of coming out of hostpital my stomach settled, you can get this from pharmacy. its not the most plesent of taste like germalene and is bright pink.
hope this helps  and keep off them bars!!

take care

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Get checked out for Crohn's Disease.....if you have not already....you have to treat Crohn's differently than IBS....
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I noticed a similar issue with Fiber one bars (not as bad as you), but I don't have that issue as much with other fiber sources by same weight of fiber. Try getting your fiber through a supplement instead and/or backing off.
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Sometimes a bit of fiber, depending on the source, can cause bloating, gas and GI.  I had a similar problem with Metamucil.  

I hope the Pepto Bismal works and you are feeling better soon.

Take care.
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I should have explained that I was treated for IBS for years.......told to eat fibre, and take metamucil......etc.etc....and it only made me worse and have stomach pains......then years later it was discovered that I had Crohn's disease.....not IBS.....or combination of both...
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Thanks for the help. I'm feeling a lot better today and will NOT be eating any more Fiber one products :)

I typically don't have much trouble with IBS, I can tolerate most foods and every once in a while I have some trouble. I had a colonoscopy about 8 years ago and they told me I had IBS. They didn't see any Crohn's at that time. However since then some Diverticulitis was noted on a CT scan.

All I know is that for me I have to be careful with Fiber. I take the chewable fiber supplements and I don't have any trouble with them. Several members of my family are using the fiber one products with no problem. My system just can not tolerate it.
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I will be seeing a gastro later on this month, so I don't know if I'm dealing with more than IBS myself or not, eventhough I have been diagnosed with IBS for many years and likely had IBS most of my life since I can recall having symptoms from such a very young age.  I do know, though, that I don't do well with psyllium, which also aggravates my GERD.  If I don't overdo it, I can do alright with flaxseed meal, although lately my body doesn't want as much as the doctors want people with IBS to ingest.  And, since I've been having such severe symptoms lately, I'm beginning to have good reason to wonder if I'm dealing with something more than IBS myself, either Colitis or Crohn's.  I'm not looking forward to another colonoscopy, but as long as they put me out, I prefer that over the other test that they've done before.  They said it wasn't supposed to be as painful, especially after I was given something like Valum, but it was so painful that they couldn't do the test with me being awake at all.  The last time I had a colonoscopy, the only thing I had to worry about is having a friend come and pick me up.  They wouldn't do the test without actually talking to the person who was supposed to pick me up.
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Another thing to get checked for, which nobody's mentioned so far, is Celiac Disease (or other forms of wheat/gluten sensitivity).  Like tjoan910canadian, I went for years being told I had "IBS" and to eat lots of fibre.  Little did I know that the whole wheat I was now consuming so much of was, in fact, the biggest part of the problem!

It's better to be tested medically first, but if you have reason to suspect it might be Celiac, you can also just try dieting properly to confirm.  To do that, eliminate all traces of wheat, rye, barley, and commercial oats from your diet.  Not easy, but if you notice a huge difference, you've found the source of your difficulties.
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I went the same route...fiber bars, pills, powders...the doctor telling me I am not taking enough even though more made me worse.  A couple of tricks from different docs worked for a time.  All using regular foodstuff  1. equal parts hot water and cold oj in the morning, mixed together just before drinking (sounds weird but easy to get used to, especially if you drink it all at once - doesn't have to be full glasses of each - maybe 4 oz and 4 oz.  Don't try making the oj w/hot water it will go bad quickly). or  2. Wheat chex every morning.  Just enough grams of fibre - not too much.
   Nowadays I have worked out that I need a bowl of Kelloggs All Bran FLAKES (not the reg all bran) for breakfast, a small salad, and an apple at some point during the day.
   Sometimes I get tired of a salad everyday or can't find nice crunchy apples and start to skip one or the other and then the IBS cramps will start up.  And I never know when.  Could be from sucking on a lifesaver or even a tictac.  Sometimes if I have to be someplace in the morning, I don't eat just because I may end up in some strange restroom, unable to escape for an hour or more.  Even skipped a dinner cruise with coworkers in case I ended up occupying the one ladies room - I was afraid of the embarrassment....
    There is one medication I don't go anywhere without - Hyoscyamine - not sure if I spelled it right, but this medicine makes the less severe cramps disappear!  It can be put under the tongue or swallowed.  At least I am not doubled over as I make my excuses and rush to my car to get home.
    Definitely get diagnosed by a doctor.  In 25 years, 4 different docs, only 1 really bad one. Its a difficult subject to discuss. But gastros have heard it all, I'm sure. Good luck.
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Definitely follow the advice that RobinHood70 has already mentioned about Celiac.  I didn't mention it myself, but you definitely need to see if you're dealing with Celiac or gluten intolerance.  Along with gluten intolerance comes lactose intolerance.  My doctor said that with Celiac that it's cow's milk specifically, but I have a problem with goat's milk as well as cow's milk myself.  And, something to keep in mind about Celiac--not everyone with Celiac has the typical chronic diarrhea associated with Celiac.  If you also have had bouts of Eczema throughout your life, I just found out that this is also associated with Celiac.  Interestingly, eversince I stopped eating gluten and dairy I also stopped having severe flare-ups of Eczema on my hands as well.  Until my doctor told me, I didn't know that the two things were so closely related.
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