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Fibro and COPD?

Im new to this board but not to Fibromyalgia.  Im a Mom of 4 children, they are 18, 15, 11 and 8 months (that isn't a typo) lol I'm 41 yrs old.

Im having a major Flare!  I was just Dx'd with COPD this week and I'm trying really hard to quit smoking, Im on day 2 and I'm having a difficult time.

I was just wondering if anyone else on here has Fibro and COPD?  I also have TMJ, Osteoarthritis and IBS, but they are taking a backseat for now!

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Hello Mom
I too could have written the exact(almost) post.......
I am 59, my children are 41 and 38
I have Degenerative Disk Disease
Related neuropathic pain
Also  oseoarthritis
Also FM and COPD
Have been a smoker most of my life so that was no surprise, have tried to quit several times and was successful for up to a 3 month period...but as soon as anything stressful comes along I am out buying.
So once again I am quitting...and also started Yesterday so this is also my day 2.
and I am also having a difficult time...I get depressed, I am using a patch that is absolutely necessary for me for at least the first month, on these I get hyper and weepy.
lets stay in touch for support.
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I'm on the patch too.  If I went cold turkey I wouldn't have made it thru half of day 1!  I was lucky my copd was caught early.  I went in for a ctscan of my neck and jaw and they can see the tops of your lungs.  It said I had some small apical bulle on both sides of my aspice or something like that lol

How long have you had fibro?  How long have you known about your copd?

Ive had fibro for 9yrs and today will be a week that I found out about my copd (which for me is emphasyma).

Good luck to you and I agree lets help eachother thru this tough time!  I started not smoking Tuesday at 8pm I have a few extra hours more in lol
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I agree its tough enough with the patch couldn't imagine without.
I was dx'd FM 12 yrs ago with widespread idiopathic pain and lethargy.
the COPD in 2007 aft c/o shortness of breath I had a spirometry test done.
I stopped smoking on thurs. the 13th...but I do admit I've had 2 each day I lite up and put out same butt so the 2 get me thr the day, today its the last of my stash so I'm on my own, I guess I miss that horrible taste in my mouth!
what I've done b4 is use 1-2 nicorretes a day(I know this isn't wise) than gradually taper off the patch and continue with the gum....than of course getting off the gum. man!
Keep up the good work
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Im feeling overwhelmed today with stress.  Its almost enough to make me crack.......but I'm trying not to allow it to break me.  

I wish I had better coping skills, with having anxiety smoking was my coping skill.  Funny, when my fibro pain gets bad too like today smokes helped me get thru the day.

Now Im sitting here in stress and lots of pain and I don't know what to do.
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sorry I'm a day late getting back to u, I hope u got thru your day without cracking...I sometimes have hours like that but not usually days.
I also used cigarettes to cope with stress(also food)..........
Mom I find the very best thing to do when in your situation is just go to bed if ur able and sleep it off, if not than deep breath, and anything u can find to take your mind off of smoking...anything!.....again I use food and thats the worst thing I can do...maybe its also a way of sabatoging myself because I soon say ' ok I will eat myself to death therefore I may as well smoke'
we have had years of programing ourselves to 'use' and it will take years to reprogram...I try to keep reafirming ' I will NOT allow smoking to rule my life' ' I CHOOSE to be smoke FREE'..
all bandaides but I hope something helps, p.s. I was in be at 6pm last eve...
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I cracked.  I was so upset last night and crying I couldn't handle the emotions anymore.  Had problems with hubby again this morning we still arent talking and I had another cig.

It was HORRIBLE, tasted really bad and I SMELL :(  Oh and to top all that off I feel absolutely horrible about myself.

Once that cig gets out of my system im putting a nicorette lozenge in......I was doing really good with them too.
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hey I cracked too, my son came home with a pcak and I lost it on him...but of course got a cig from him in the end!!
ur right they do taste disgusting..and I think we feel so miserable we are just looking for a fight than of course there is a reason to smoke
get back on that horse this morning mom and try once again
U know these patches do make me very weepy and crabby and depressed..I don't know why they should as we were already putting the same amt of nicotine into our bodies just in a different form??
have a better day..
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I am a 58 year old female with two grown children 36 and 34, and 4 grandkids.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in  2009 but I know I was suffering well before then. Trying to get anyone to listen was the hardest part, including my family. I also have lower back problems, disc degeneration mainly and the only thing they can do is to do a fusion which my specialist is reluctant to do.
I also smoked (approx 40 years) with a 17 month break in there. Worst thing I did was to start again but eventually made the decision to quit again. I decided to try hypnotherapy. That was on March 9 2016 and I have not felt like one since. Just yesterday I was told I more than likely have COPD and will undergo further testing. Looking at this forum I'm wondering if it is just smoking related, or does the Fibro have something to do with it???
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Hi Shirls1963, welcome to the forum!  Thanks for sharing your situation.  Hypnotherapy?  I'm so glad that worked for you and so well!  I think the entertainment industry has really done a injustice to this kind of treatment, hasn't it?  I like hearing it worked so well, for sure and it's been so many years, that's awesome.  You already have the fibro diagnosis and a new one of 'most likely' copd. Both can cause this issue. When do you have your further testing? Do you have any other symptoms with your copd?  Inhaler or anything like that yet?
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