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Fibro and osteoarthritis

I was diagonsed 3 years ago with FM and have severe osteoarthitis throughout my body. I try to walk 5 times a week for an hour as I also have chronic A-Fib and high BP and recently discovered that I also have a mildy enlarged aorta artery.  I also have chronic pain and am on medication for same. I tried swimming for exercise however because of the arthritis I cant get my arms to go over my head to swim so walking seems the best exercise is there anything else others have tried that may work and is it OK to continue with the hour long walks?
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Hey Rick,
Welcome to the forum.
Walking at a reg. pace w/out exerting yourself, is your best bet.
Trampoline -only 5 min each time.- is highly recommended for lymphatic support.
You do not need to jump. Just bouncing will do it.
Deep breathing will bring about fantastic benefits! Try Pranayama deep breathing several times daily. Just look it up.
Breaststroke is any easy stroke in swimming, that you may want to try.
Best is to simulate the stroke for a few minutes while standing , as a test, before you decide to go swimming. (avoid chlorinated pools if possible)

Co-Q10 is great for cardiovascular health. Magnesium is involved in over 300 processes including muscular, neuronal and cardiovascular functions.
Magnesium Oil transdermally (from MgCl and distilled water up to 50% dilution) is the best way to deliver Mg to your body without any issues.
Coconut Oil (extra vigrin) limits inflammation, and is the best fat for the heart. The heart uses 80% fat and 20% glucose for energy.
When there's insufficient saturated fat it is forced to utilize more glucose (a very taxing process to the body) with the help of enzyme CD36 if  readily available in sufficient quantity.
Coconut Oil takes the place of the saturated fats and acts as high octane fuel for the heart. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic.
More info@ the coconut research centre website.
For controlling my BP-I have never taken medication-I use MgCl Oil every other day (spray allover the body ,leave on for 20-30 minutes and then shower). Co-Q10, Proline, Lysine and Vit.C with bioflavonoids.
I also consume 4T daily of EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) replacing ALL cooking oils and fats Plus I do Oil Pulling with EVCO each and every morning. It keeps my oral health intact, getting rid of all the bacteria and toxins. Look it up!

For chronic pain look into supplementing  with malic acid, as it's production in your system is inhibited by high levels of tartaric acid-a muscle toxin that causes pain and fatigue-. For acute pain DMSO (lab grade, 30% solution to distilled water, 10% for neck and up, one light application without rubbing over freshly washed skin)
Best is to adapt a low carb diet , as carbs feed yeast metabolites that fuel the production of tartaric acid. In serious cases, I recommend the Candida diet and in extreme cases the SCD or GAPS program.
It has made a huge difference in many people suffering from a variety of systemic Auto-immune or degenerative conditions.
Also look into Lyme, Pathogenic Mycoplasma and other similar infectious
conditions, as an underlying or initiating cause for Fibro. It is extremely
common to have such an infection or co-infection. Most Doctors are not familiar with this. Check this at immed.org or Dr. G. Nicolson the expert in this field.  Also look into LLMD and IgeneX labs for testing  for Lyme
Let me know if you need more info.
My advice does not constitute professional consultation.

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