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Fibromyalgia & Hepatitis C

Has anyone been diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia & Hepatitis and completed a full course of Hepatitis Treatment which resulted sucessful in removing the virus?

How was your symptoms of Fibromyalgia before your Hepatitis become active?

Now you have completed the Full course of treatment for Hepatitis how is your symptoms of Fibromyalgia affecting you now prior to treatment?

1: Better ?
2: Same ?
3: Worse ?

My Fiance' has suffered with Fibromyalgia for the past few years with the main symptom only being Burning hips at night in her sleep.
Only this year she had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C as the virus has just become active.
Now the virus has become active her Fibromyalgia has spread throughout her body and pain become far more severe, as it is said Hepatitis can be a known trigger for Fibromyalgia.

But i am curious on knowing how anyones symptoms of Fibromyalgia is after clearing the Hepatitis C Virus ?
Now the Virus has been removed, there is no trigger from the Hepatitis so does this relieve the pain for the Fibromyalgia?

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Hi there, i am treating for hep c, i have to do 48 weeks (maybe more) . I found out i had hep c because i was in constant pain, pain would be sometimes worse than others, but with me it is a constanat thing. my doc finally after 3 years sent me to rhemetologist and that is where i discovered I had hep c, and he said he could not help me until i took care of the hep c sooooooo i take pain meds for now, i cannot work, and pain is always there. have you gone into the hep c forum and post this? alot of people that have completed treatment are complaining of this problem.
good luck to you both
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