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I am a 26 year old guy who has had on/off back pain since last May. I have been to many doctors, chiropractor, physiatrist, orthopedist. rheumatologist. Ive had mri's, xrays on back and nothing shows up. Blood was checked by rheumatologist for everything he could think of and nothing showed.

The pain/discomfort went on for about 5 months , may -september. I never had pain elsewhere and was not very tired. From october to end of february, I have felt fine. I'd say my energy levels havent always been great for as long as I remember but I can still run 5 or 6 mile runs almost 3 times per week.

I am most concerned about fibromyalgia at this point. I saw a new rheumatologist today who did not rule it out. He did not examine me for the 18 points that I have read about. I told him that I had prostate problems in the past and I have had some constipation ehre and there since I was 19. He tested my blood again and told me that Fibromyalgia is a DX by exclusion and he did not rule out that I had it.

I have read a lot about it and I don't have the fatigue that I have read so much about. Yes I am not full of energy at all times but I am not nodding off during the day and I don't have pain all over my body.

I was curious to see what you think as I have seen that you have been helpful and informative to others in the past.

Basically, I am just looking for some help to figure out what is going on with me.

Thanks for listening/reading
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The good thing is that the tests did not show anything.  There are so many things that can cause back problems. It's probably the #1 leading complaint (outside of a cold).  

It would be difficult to say FMS is the reason, because from the description of your symptoms, it doesn't seem to lean that way.  But this doesn't mean it couldn't be that...keep in touch with your physician with any serious aches and pains you may have elsewhere or future problems that could be symptoms of this.

Ok...the constipation that you experience could very well be playing a part in your back problem.  The bloating and pressure alone might be causing the discomfort.  It may be a good idea to add more fiber into your diet so that it will help with this area.  

Also, it has been proven that men placing their wallets into their back pocket and sitting can cause pressure on the spine.  Simple as that may sound, it does cause back pain...most men do not think about this as it's natural to carry it there.  

Another problem can be caused by walking or standing a lot during the day.  Make sure you have a good set of comfortable shoes.  

I'm sorry that I can't be of more help.  My husband suffers with back problems as well and I know it's painful.  I hope you can find some relief soon.
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Is this pain in your lower back and do you have any sciatic pain? You may want to search piriformis syndrome and see if any of that sounds familiar. You say you are a runner--do you stretch properly before and after?

Has anyone searched or can you feel any sore spots (lumpy) when pressed? I am referring to trigger points. These are not the same as tender points that are related to fibromyalgia. These trigger points can be extremely painful and can form in almost any muscle. The chronic form is called Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) Many FMS patients have both.

Do you suspect your physical activity may have something to do with your back pain? Do you wear anything in your running shoes such as arch supports (if your feet are on the flat side) I'm just mentioning these things because running can be hard on the body. Now I know you are still young, but maybe try walking (at least part of the time) and see if that helps any. If they can't seem to find any cause for your pain, are they suggesting it could be muscular? Muscle spasms in the back can really hurt. Have you tried moist heat?

I hope you can figure out what is causing your pain. These (above) are just a few ideas that maybe you hadn't thought about yourself. Fatigue is not quite the same as feeling tired, although feeling tired often accompanies fatigue. Think of the flu, when you can't sit in a chair because you can't hold your body "up". Or, when you pick something up and it feels 10X heavier than you know it really is---a flight of stairs totally exhausts you---these are a few examples of fatigue.

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