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Hello everyone...intro and questions about Lyrica

Good morning everyone! I am new to MedHelp and to the group and thank you for the warm welcomes!

I have a question about treatment for fibro. I was dx with it about 4 years ago. Tried the usual things like Ibuprofen and Tylenol, etc. which was temporary. Finally last month my doctor started me on Lyrica. Although the pain is diminished quite a bit, I feel like I am in a fog most of the time and it does nothing for my other symptoms, like depression/mood swings/etc. I have a mood disorder as well, which she referred me to a psych for. My question is, she said if the Lyrica didn't work or what have you, that she was going to try Cymbalta next. Should I do that since it also is for depression or just ride out the Lyrica? What are your experiences with these drugs? I also have osteoarthritis which adds to the pain, but like the fibro it has good and bad days.

I just want to be able to move without something hurting; be hyper with my kids again (I have 4 to keep up with!!!) and I don't quite feel like I'm on that road yet. Any suggestions for treatments that have worked for you guys would be awesome.
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i came off lyrica for the same reason it effected my mood made me sucidal and i actually lost my marriage over it as it made me aggressive anixous, and distance the higher the dose the more the side effects i was on 600 mg a day at one point put on 2 st lost one and a half now took me 6 mths to come off it not a nice drug if you have depression or mood disorders and cymbalta though a good drug is another one that will play badly with your mood, you need to finnd a antidepressant that will help with your mood disoder then a drug that helops the pain.

i take sertraline for my depression good for depression anixity and compulsive behavoiur also clonazapam is good for anixty depends what your mental state is lyrica is good for CB too.

i have 3 young girls and am single mum.

i a, hoping to see neuro as well as fibro they think something else is going on.

take care and welcome to medhelp.

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Thank you so much for your reply....I'll keep that in mind when I talk to my doc. She was actually thinking of Sertraline before, she had mentioned....
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I was also taking Lyrica and didn't like the side-effects.  Neurontin, I enjoyed less.  I had taken Cymbalta previously and noticed a difference in the pain level quickly.  You may do well with this.  I'm taking the Sertraline now, but do not notice any change in the level of pain with this med.  The Cymbalta worked better for me there.

I hope you find the right combo to help you and you are feeling better soon.  Take care.
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Thank you.....am keeping your comments in mind as I decide how to approach the dr. about this......
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Hello I havent taken lyrica and its only just becoming available in the uk. but i have been suffring more with the cfs symptoms than the pain. my doctor did start me of on a mild anti-dep i found some a little helpfull one made the cfs 100% worse but i have been give citalopram 25mg i have been taken this for the last 4-5 weeks now and i all of a sudden have noticed a huge improvement in my moods, no headaches, ive been going to bed at 11 some nights that i havent been able to do that for years. i have no brain fog the last 2 weeks and i havent had to nap in the afternoon.  this has helped me alot. I hope you can get the right combo, somtimes its just trial and error until you find what works best for yourself
take good care of yourself and welcome to the forum
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i am on sertraline but for depression or to raise the seratonine in my brain to help cope with pain but i notice no different either, but as i had a bad reaction with lyrica she would not try me on cymbalta but i've heard its good and bad but is good as its got another hormone that lacks in the brain too as well as seratoine but can make depression alot worst as lyrica can.


talk it over again with your dr and see what she says she knows you best, keep us posted.

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