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How did your fibro start?

I saw a neurologist in November for numbness/tingling/burning and fatigue. I had an MRI which was clear. All blood tests were also normal. The neurologist mentioned fibro, but at the time I only had pain in neck and shoulders which I've had since college and attributed to tension. Lately, though, I've been having a lot more pain, mostly aching in my arms and legs. It feels like my muscles are very tight.

I'm wondering if anyone had parenthesia as their first symptom, with pain and fatigue starting later? I felt like MS fit my symptoms better (also have dizziness, heat sensitivity, zapping pain in arms and legs, patches of numbness, cold feeling in legs), but since that is ruled out I'm trying to figure out if fibro might be the cause.
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I forgot to add that I have some fatigue daily, but It was much worse during the few weeks when I had exacerbations of my symptoms, which happened a few times.
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