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ok, since no one can figure out what is wrong with me (abnormal ANAs confirmed), they dx me as fibromyalgia.

Now I have severe and I MEAN severe itching of the fingers, they itch, they blister, they harden and then peel.  Endless cycle.  Now I wake up from the severe itching in my hands,RIGHT hand only lastnight, used to be fingertips only, now entire fingers' length -- on fire itching.  Has begun on the bottom of my toes, right side only as well.  Fingers sore and swollen, nerve endings are painful on my right hand and foot today.  I cannot cope with this any longer, honestly, I feel like I am going to lose it.  Taking Percocet 5/325 for pain, Atarax for itching, I take Paxil 30 mg.  Anyone?  Anyone???  I also need a doctor referral in the Cleveland area if anyone is listening.  
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Hi Jax569. Welcome to the forum.

If had to read your post again, I would start feeling itchy myself.
It must be a very awful feeling, disrupting your life totally!

Chronic itchiness medical treatment is behind times, as symptom relieving
conventional treatments don't work, since the medical establishment has failed to identify the real causes of this and cure it, unless the immune system can correct this on its own

In Fibromyalgia , Neurotransmitter Dysregulation  is something that comes up in the research circles all the time!
Any communication between your neurons depends on chemicals called Neurotransmitters, which create and control signaling for whatever happens in the body.
Every time you get an itch, hear a sound, or experience anxiety, Neurotransmitters are responsible!
So Fibromyalgia and CFS have been linked to Neurotransmitter Dysregulation.

When the levels of Neurotransmitters are not within normal ranges for proper functioning,  this can have an impact on any organ or system in the body.

Now about your itchiness.
When your sensory nerve ending receptors of your skin( Merkel's discs) that sense pressure, touch, texture , get disrupted and "confused" due to some  factors such as Neurotransmitter dysregulation (primary), fluid constriction in close proximity to the receptors, dryness and other (secondary) not being able to transmit a known message to the brain, they revert to the default, which is a message of ITCHINESS!!!
The chronic nature of the Neurotransmitter imbalance is therefore the
suspected culprit in Chronic Itchiness.

The real challenge is, that since  doctors will not look into Neurotransmitter Dysregulation- trust me on this- is to find a really
knowledgeable Holistic Practitioner/Doctor or ND to help you with this.
The only really accurate tests are for research purposes. Sadly there used to come up with new psych meds and anti-depressants (Big $$$$$!)

There are professional questionnaires available for a Neurotransmitter
Assessment, if you can convince your doctor, to conduct one for you,
but again I really doubt, that this will take place.
It is unfortunate, since I believe, this the the area where cure for
many types of FMS can be found.

Energy Medicine (Spinal Release Procedure) might correct it, specially if connected to anxiety and stress. (Let me know if you're interested in any details)

My daughter who's a Holistic Health Practitioner and Aromatherapist
uses a few drops of Organic Peppermint Oil over the itchy areas.
You may also try Aloe Vera gel, as this works well too.
ACV (apple cider vinegar) may help also, but do a test on a small area
first, just in case you react adversely.
The above suggestions are for relief only, not cure.
You may try the remedies I mentioned for relieving your itchiness, however,
if you are truly interested to pursue the Neurotransmitter issue and hopefully get to the  bottom of this, either find the right Holistic Doctor, ND or Holistic Practitioner to help you.

This information is part of a study(among many other studies) I'm doing for my Naturopathic training.

There may be other causative factors, however, the aforementioned -without any clinical examination- stands out.

This is only my opinion and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.
Take care.
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Dishydrotic Eczema perhaps. If the symptoms are very bad they prescribe steroid pills, coal tar preparations, or phototherapy (ultraviolet light therapy).
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Sounds like Dishydrosis.  There are many triggers that can cause this.  You might want to Google it & see if this sounds like what you have & look at pictures to see if it resembles what you are experiencing.  Treatments can be anything from steroids, soaks, antibacterial sulfonamides, fexofenadine, retinoic acid or even as simple as avoiding oatmeal, chocolate, canned foods (especially pineapple & tomato) if you have nickel allergy.  A dermatologist should be able to diagnose it, if this is the problem & start you on a treatment plan.  
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All these presentations mentioned are secondary to the primary and foundational  yet concealed presentation, existing well below the symptom level, where the true causes may be found.
The true value to the sufferer may lie, not necessarily in information derived from google searches (yet they may hold some value) and not in the pursuit of suspected medical labels that have no prospect of a (medical) cure, but in the understanding of the human body as an intricate marvel of delicate and harmonious interconnections.

Viewing the body holistically, allows us to investigate and verify deeper rooted imbalances that lead to the manifestation of disease.
Addressing these imbalances by  properly supporting our immune
system, along with clearing any mental and emotional debris, is the ultimate way to return to optimum health.

This is only my educated opinion and not intended as substitute for medical advice.

Blessings to all.

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The reason I suggested a Google search for Dishydrosis, is not only the information that Jax569 could read, but also the images, to see if it resembles what she is going through.

I have learned from not only my experience as a nurse, but also my own health issues that a patient who educates themselves is their best advocate.  If  the images of Dishydrosis look what Jax has.  If her condition doesn't resemble Dishydrosis, then she isn't out anything, other than a few minutes of her time.  However, if it does resemble what she is going through, then she can take that info to her physician & he can refer her to the appropriate specialist.

As for holistic medicine - not everyone lives in or near a large city & has the opportunity of holistic medicine.  I am also leery of doctors, including holistic healers, because of my own experiences, where misdiagnosed hepatic disorders & a pelvic mass that was misdiagnosed as an ovary, even though I don't have any female organs left.  I also saw holistic healers (several in fact) that did nothing for me, except the loss of thousands of dollars.  So, after disappointing I try to educate myself & in return have provided valuable info to my own physicians.
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I have been itching since 1990.  No one could tell me why
intense only on my forearms. A friend suggested nerve endings, so pleased with this site.  I. Begged my dr in 2001 and she prescribed hydroxizine, it really works. The doctors aren't happy but i take 4 in the morning and. 4 in the late afternoon.  Everyone look into it., I thought I was going crazy, and have scars all over my forearms. They are 25 mg. pills.
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I have the itching on my forearns as well, It has been a problem the last 2 years and hydrocotizone does nothing. Benedryl may or may not help, mostly may not. I had gotten a script from my doctor for the hydroxine but my medicare prescription supplement will not cover it so I did not get it. I am gonna go pay for it I think, I need some relief. IT comes in flares mostly. Do you mean you have to take 8 a day?
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Hi. I have had fibromyalgia for about 15 years, and I was officially diagnosed when I was 34 (March 2011). Fibromyalgia is very different for each person, and this disease is notorious for manifesting symptoms long after you’ve been Dx from experiencing the initial symptoms. For me, the burning in the skin, all over the body started out as every so often it would bother me. Then this year, February 2018, it started being constantly there, and presently I experience this burning 24/7. My pain specialist explained that this burning pain is your “nerves on fire,” which is a result of the brain sending rapid pain receptor signals, in rapid succession all over the body. In a person w/o FMS, if they have a pain, the brain just sends a signal that the body is in distress, and then either the brain sends “norpinephrine” (the body’s “natural morphine”), and this normally helps end the pain. Sometimes if the body is in too much pain distress that is when a pain relief method is used. FMS patients do not have enough norepinephrine in their brains, to cover the rapid responses from the brain, because the nerves aren’t receiving enough norepinephrine, so the nerve keeps telling the brain over, and over that nothing is relieving the pain, so the brain responds with sending the non-existent norepinephrine that is normally there. And it’s extremely rapid, and this is why, that with FMS the pain is so severe.
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It’s me again,  forgot o ell you that I itch and burn too. It is not caused by dry skin, it is caused by over active nerves, as I was explaining in my first reply. If it was as sinple as Dishydrosis, then the treatment would be a prescription topical treatment. And since you can’t get to your nerve endings to treat their burning itchiness, there’s things you can do. As always, talk to your doctor, but for pain I take Tramadol, which is the most mild synthetic opiate pain medication out there, the other is either Zyrtec or Benedryl. The reason for the allergy meds, is there’s something in them that helps calm the itchiness, and the burning is unfortunately a kind of pain, that may be helped by taking either Aleve (Gen. Naproxen), or Advil (Gen. Ibuprofen) alone. My Fibromyalgia has gotten pretty severe, and now with the burning itchiness, it’s so painful! I have to Take the Tramadol, Aleve, and the Zyrtec.
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