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Hi everyone, I am new to this site but not Medhelp

I suffered Mollarets Meningitis for several years (viral kind) when I started the meds it stopped it thank goodness!

Everytime I tried to get back to normal I would have a set back, or blame I picked up any virus going which left me shattered and then I would carry on with this cycle.

A month ago I had the worst form I had known where I slept day and night for one week and couldnt wake up, then I struggled to stay awake etc at the time that was my only symptom.  Now a month later still not better and I ache all over my muscles hurt.  That is when myself and my Doctor decided cannot keep blaming meningitis its been three years now so it must be M.E/ CFS.

I have had all tests and clear, so being referred to the Clinic in the south of england where I live. Does anyone know how long it takes until seen?  I am desperate for help I feel so isolated at home as unable to get out.
Any advice or help would be appriciated

Kind regards

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