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Pain behind knee when bending leg & groin pain?

I was diagnosed with MS in 1990.  Over the years, I've always suspected I might also have FM, but lately, I'm REALLY wondering.  For over a month, I've had very severe leg pain, especially the left leg.  If I bend my left leg (especially for kneeling or getting in and out of bed or a car) the back of my leg behind the knee hurts terribly.  I also have severe pain in the right groin/pelvic area, which also makes things like getting out of bed very difficult.

My worst complaint though is I have almost zero tolerance for standing or walking, as my lower back hurts so bad when I do.  I literally HAVE to sit down or bend forward at the waist to stop the pain.  A lumbar MRI only shows slight disk bulging at L-4 and L-5, which my chiropractor says would not contribute to the standing intolerance.

I really need to know if seeing a rheumatologist is the best route for me.  I've had a recent ANA and my neurologist says it came back normal.  Does that mean there's no way I can have FM?
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there is no definitive test for fibro - they do tests to rule out other diseases - is the pain in your knee or on the outside of the leg at your knee or the inside of the leg near your knee  and have they checked for osteoarthritis - you said behind the knee - do you mean behind the patella (knee cap) or at the back of your leg behind the knee - try to be very precise when telling the doctor where exactly the pain is coming from - i dont know much about ms but i know pain comes with it - i believe the ana testing was for lupus so you dont have that - thats good
good luck
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I had the same pain in the same areas and fixed it myself with ultrasound.  It's probably activity related.  It doesn't take much.  You can buy an ultrasound machine off the net for less than $250.  If it's something else like osteo or a pinched nerve, ultrasound will still work.  
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